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OK I'm idiot and over rotated my muzzle break!

Please help! I’m stupid and I over rotated my muzzle brake on me AR and was wondering what my options were? I’m not sure what the availability of another crushwasher is locally?


You can get a crush washer online from several different sites


What about automotive oil drain nut crush washers???
They come in copper and different sizes…available at local car parts stores.


Jam nuts eliminate this possibility. Also available from many online sources.
I still use crush washers for most builds, only because I have bags full of em.
When I run out, I’m switching to jam nuts. But I may run out of builds first.


Jam nut needs a special thin wrench…but then you can reuse.


Thanks I was temporarily able to use the old crush washer that was behind the flash hidden! Its slightly clocked but will work until I order one!


I bought a bag of 10 over a year ago, still have 9 left and they’re unlikely to be used. You’re welcome to them but I suspect you aren’t nearby. That said, if you cover the postage I’d be happy to send you some…


They are cheap, usually get one in 2 or 3 days. Try Damage Industries, 2 or 3 bucks each, $2.00 shipping for standard. Big trick is cutting the old one off without nicking the barrel.


If you’re not getting the barrel too hot blue Locktite would probably suffice. :eye: used the blue with the jam nut on my M*CARBO hybrid muzzle brake on my PCC9 and it’s still perfectly inline.

Didn’t use the Rock Set but :eye: did purchase that also…as a backup.


Man. I put MCARBO grease on mine. Everything with threads. Torque properly. Haven’t had any issues with parts coming apart until I want them to. IMAO assembling without grease causes unreliable torque readings on the high end, made worse by the somewhat generous tolerances in a lot of parts we get these days. Locktight Blue does act like a grease when assembling aiding in proper torque, and as mentioned above, “Un-Glues” at 300 deg. Used it a lot before I went to grease.
Something to note about thread locker and grease, some fine thread parts, scope rings, things like that, Blue or grease will skew the torque reading low and damage to the fasteners (and optics) from over torque is a possibility, saw this warning from Vortex I believe.