Official Gun Picture Thread


Hear hear!!! Bogus law, read U.S. v Miller…there was no defendant and the govt claimed that short shotguns and automatic weapons had no military application??? (Really, right after WW1!)

Back then the litmus test was the government could not deny citizens any weapon that had a military purpose.


they spit hairs. take on my IMI. If i take the folding metal buttstock off,which is legal, and use the fixed wood type stock, off a UZI SMG, which is quick disconnect, it becomes illegal, according to BTAF, but if I use the import, wood stock that has a single 8mm screw in place of the QD, it becomes legal again… makes my head hurt when i read thru their version of classifications , especially AOW guidelines…
(and for anyone says it, I know, it would be un-natural if a head like mine didnt ache ):rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


My family of Thompson Center Contender hand cannons.
Top, 30-30 w/leupold 4x scope
Middle, .223 w/Burris 2x-7x scope and laser.
Bottom, 45/70 w/leupold 4x scope

Haven’t seen many T/C contenders on this thread so I wanted to post something different.


my old girl is a second generation, G2 ,here she is dressed up with the poly de-cellerator grip set…

all my barrels have iron sights, except for my wildcat, which is a 221 Remington Fireball
got 7 barrels in all, with one on order… Love the 45/70 though…my favorite barrel to shoot…


That 45/70 is a fire breathing dragon. At night the flames jumping out of the ports and end of the muzzle brake is impressive. Probably my favorite way to hunt is with my contender.


Just finished up loading the daughters mags for range time tomorrow. 240 rounds ready for her m&p 15-22 and another 390 ready for her 10/22. Not sure if im gonna run my 45s or 9mms yet. I usually run one or the other each range trip. Dont have to worry about seperating brass that way!


Hmm … my gf would remember those as the good old days. Years ago I did all of the loading for her. The loading stopped when I learned that she had not learned to load her mags. Women are an extra special sort and years of watching me load mags didn’t sneak any capability her way. So it only took seeing one mag with the rounds facing the wrong way to teach us two things. First, it is possible to load rounds backwards into a magazine and then load the magazine into a pistol and then fail to achieve battery. And, secondly, just because it’s obvious to me don’t mean she can figure it out under stress.

She has loaded most of her own magazines since our revelation.


My daughter will help. She can get them started but once half full its hard for her. She is only 8, so i generally load them up the night before. Saves me time at the range


Kudos to you for getting her started at her age. We had 8 kids in our family, 3 boys, 5 girls, and they all shot by that age. One of my father’s favorite things was to load up all the kids and guns and go to the range for a day of shooting, usually followed by a cookout.


Started her at 4 with a daisy red ryder bb gun. Taught her the fundamentals. Santa brought her a Savage Rascal for Christmas that year and by the time she was 6 was shooting her 10/22. Now she’ll shoot her moms 22/45 lite handgun as well as put some rounds thru my Ars. As a matter of fact i just finished building her own Ar which is her Upcoming 9th bday present

Teach them young and take the mystery out of it. Shes more safe with firearms than a lot of adults I’ve seen


No chance she going to “shoot her eye out” with that Red Ryder!


Zero! We put on an event here in Northeren Indiana where we teach new shooters the fundamentals and give them some range time. Daughter helps out with that too. First pic is after that event putting some lead downrange at 100yards
Shes even getting into archery as well. Has her own recurve and compound bow.