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@Kona Oddly enough, except for the rust, it doesn’t seem to show any wear on the piece at all. (that I can see) No grooves or galling, hammered feed ramp, penned edges. I’m going to put it in a soda solution and remove the rust with electrolysis using a battery charger and a piece of steel for an anode. Same thing they do for cannons, anchors etc recovered from the ocean.
It will remove every speck of rust leaving it perfectly clean with whatever pitting it has.


@jeffing65 if not a PF9/40 the guys here are def on the right track. Anyone know what the SCCY barrel looks like? Edit: the SCCY barrel has one solid piece with an “8” shaped cutout.

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@Kona I would think it should have a ser# or some stamping at least. I can’t see any but the rust could hide weak stamps and I don’t want to sand it.
It really doesn’t matter other than as an academic exercise for fun. It’s not like it’s a .45 cal Luger barrel or something. LOL Unfortunatly



SCCY CPX barrel


@dave67 we’re def all on the right track. Very similar


Trailblazer Firearms Lifecard will now be available in a .22 WMR as well as their .22 LR.


@Kona started to pull the barrel on my old P-40,for a pic, and for some dang reason cant get it out, it was always tight, but i think theys a lil to much dope left in my system, from the hospital, going to go get me a sammich, and let the hands calm a little, and try again, but the old P-40 model is a lot like the sccy barrel, measure the depth it could be the P380 variant… they had a high cut notch…


An interesting product I just came across, side charging handle for the AR platform from Devil Dog Concepts called the Hard Charger…all customer ratings are 5


I guess the concept here is to be able to keep your right hand on the grip, not having to switch hands on the weapon to charge it. Seems a bit over-engineered. I went with a BCM gunfighter charging handle, one finger, left hand, and gun is charged. No mounting of additional hardware to it, the gun’s original profile is maintained.



Actually the design is quite simple and built rock solid from the reviews I read, better than what buyers expected. Engineered by former Marines and SWAT members. Maybe not for everyone but it was designed for shooters that have issues with the stock location of the AR-15 charging handle giving you more options. I just like that there are company’s out there making products like this that alot of people wouldn’t even think about.


@dane why would you take your hand off the grip to charge a regular charging handle?


Yes, I know you didn’t misspell Dred :wink:.

I don’t have enough experience with the platform, but I gotta say moving it to a location that allows me to stay mounted is appealing. To date I’ve been pushing to rifle to a low ready to get it charged. I’d anticipated tdying to learn a crossover weak hand push maneuver. But if that don’t work out, I’ll be a buyer just to bring the charge to a more natural location.

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@dred I’m not arguing that a side charging handle isn’t better (it is) I’m arguing what Dane said about breaking grip with your strong hand to charge it lol. I’ve seen people hold the gun with their support hand (weak hand) and charge it with their strong hand (shooting hand) and it makes no dang sense haha.


never had the weak hand issue, because the hand i charge with is my strong hand anyway , lefty :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:shooting right handed rifles LOLOL I thought about building one from Black Rain ordnance but just the empty upper and lower is $580, and a complete Lefty AR is is right at $1899 , I can build 2 complete PSA rightys for that, however i want LOL

I usually run a ambx charging handle, but thats just my OCD kicking in…


I agree it makes no sense, but that is exactly what is taught in all LE training I have ever seen. Your taught to maintain a grip on the fore end with your weak (left) hand and move your right (strong) hand from the pistol grip and use the two finger grip on the charging handle. The argument was that if you didn’t use two fingers on the charging handle and pull straight back you could cause torque to it and damage it. My argument has always been that this added several moves and additional time that shouldn’t be necessary. When I retired and got my own AR and could set it up however I wanted to, I went with the BCM gunfighter charging handle. Right hand stays on the pistol grip, left hand inserts the mag then comes straight back where you use one finger (index) to pull back the charging handle. The BCM is specifically designed to eliminate any sideways torqueing. Results in fewer moves and faster loads.


@dane I’m not disputing your account but I’ve been in LEO for almost 13 years and a firearms instructor for about 2 years. That’s insane that was being taught. It’s always been from my experience never take your shooting hand off the gun.



I guess that’s what this comes down to is to install whatever charging handle works best for you. I have a BCM Gunfighter with extended lever on the left for my AR pistol and have a Radian Raptor with dual levers on my AR rifle, I like them both.


Again, I agree, but a lot of the training seemed to be more for covering the liability of the administration than teaching the best tactics. As far as the Glock pistol, they insisted you had to load a mag with your off hand then reach over the top, grab the slide and sling shot it to load a round. Again, wasted movement and lost time. I always loaded the mag with the off hand, then hit the slide release with my right thumb as I wrapped my off hand into a two handed shooting grip. It took a fraction of time. Their argument was that the way I was doing it would eventually wear out the slide release. Even if true, for $15 and 5 minutes of my time I could replace it. “Eventually” aren’t you also supposed to replace the barrel and springs?


Me too! Love the Olight!