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I don’t see either one in my future. But if a German FG 42 were to land in my lap I wouldn’t get rid of it.


Once I get settled in my new place I would really like to get into some wood working to build the three parts I would need to build an AR/FG-42. I think it is possible to build something in either wood or plastic. If I could find a set making a mold would not be that hard to do after a visit to Tap Plastic.


Bad guy thinks, “Oh that’s just a kitty cat coming around the corner”…nope!




Read about this the other day. My pmr30 was so finicky with ammo and was never 100% reliable so I’ll definitely pass on this…at least for now



That has me chuckling everytime I see it.


Finally added a shotgun to the collection, a Mossberg 500 (with 28" barrel in the box). Definitely got the Mossberg rattle, but otherwise seems solid. Probably grab a few slugs to take to the range soon, and shoot some clay when the weather gets warmer.



Nice looking gun! I used to have a Mossberg 500 that looked a lot like your new gun, except I only had the 18" barrel (and no choke). It was a great gun. I am sure you will enjoy yours!


Newest build. This is just screaming for a binary trigger😂



You just can’t beat a simple solid 12 gauge pump, you can cycle anything through them. Clay shooting is a blast, is the barrel threaded for choke tubes?


Yup, comes with 3 chokes I think. Plus a pistol grip if I wanted to do that haha



Yup, should be Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full. Also if you want to shoot slugs or anything other than target loads I would get a Cylinder choke which has no constriction to it and is just to protect the threads in your barrel.


Mossberg sells a package that includes the field barrel with 3 chokes and a slug barrel with cantilever mount and a scope. Sells in either 12 or 20 ga. The 20 ga package is a great starter kit for a kid. Everything they need to hunt birds, small game and deer.


Just finished my mcarbo mods on my 2nd Sub2000 (this time Patriot Brown).

Mcarbo mods: Muzzle brake, mcarbo rear peep sight, pro trigger, polished feed ramp.
extra mods:
truglo tac red laser, larue tactical rail covers, sling, RL front sight and blitzkrieg front post.


@goretro77, very nice bro, is this a custom coating or another color Kel Tec is offering?



No, that is a Kel-Tec color option.


Hadn’t seen that color til now, I like it, been tempted to get mine cerakoted


Just another reason I love Olight. Not afraid to show a little Kel-Tec love on their Instagram.


@Kona button switch or pressure tap for on Kona?