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Official Gun Picture Thread


@Violentmarauder :ok_hand::+1: very nice. I’m usually not a big fan of red but that looks awesome


sweet collection, is the tri-edge in the bottom corner a M-48 cyclone?


Alright now that my 1st day restriction is over. The machete is from zombietools.net. They make some pretty durable bladed weapons. The tri-edge is the M-48, I couldn’t fathom paying 1500 for the real deal.


This build will be my most challenging yet.


My brand new, as in just received it today, Sub-2000. Beretta 9mm version (because SIG is impossible to find)
I have a SIG mag catch kit ordered. Kel-tec is not in a hurry to ship it, due to the holidays I guess.

My Taurus G2C 9mm. It also shoots the SIG P226 mags. You can see four 15 round SIG mags there with the sleeves. And two 12 round Taurus mags.

My very budget minded DPMS Oracle .223/5.56 AR. CMMG converted to 22lr at the moment.


I am Baltimore Police imagine the damage that could do if someone “CHOSE” to deploy it against one of us


got this from my daughter as xmas present


The M1919, what is the inside Diameter of the buttstock? I have always wondered if it could handle an AR-15 buffer tube.


I have to ask, the pistol grip on the AR, what degree can’t is that? I have always wondered what if a German MG34/42 pistol grip angle could be used on an AR? That seems to have a sharper angle than the average AR pistol grip.


I’ll check on both the I.D. of the 1919 and the cant of the pistol grip.


The 1919 buttstock is completely hollow and I placed a spare buffer tube on it. Some light machining would be required to get it to fit but it’s possible.


I checked the angle and it’s about 120 degrees or 30 off from 90.


Newest addition. I’m a sucker for FDE.



I too am a sucker for FDE, I have been for many years.


Is that working one?

I would imagine there is no way you can ever get ammo for that as a civilian!

So its more like a display model?


Now this has got me thinking. I always wanted to build a AR platformed semi into something that looks like a blast from the past…


Well if it’s parts you’re looking for BMGparts.com has everything you need for a Ma Deuce or a 1919.


Took my dad to the range today, let him shoot a few guns. Shooting isn’t as much his thing, but we had fun. He shot his first AR, though I don’t think he loved it haha



That’s cool getting to go to the range with your Dad.

My Dad introduced me to shooting over 50 years ago when I was 10 years old. We went out to my Uncle’s farm and shot a .22 LR (Remington semiauto rifle) - mostly at tin cans and such. Lots of fun.



One knows that the ‘local’ police departments are money grubbers??? I am sure that the purchase will go to the chief’s alcohol fund??? :thinking::facepunch: drunkenness!!!