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Official Gun Picture Thread



@GOBLIN Classic ! :+1:


Simple 308


the white dot at the 1 o’clock position is a 6"x13" silhouette.

Ruger American 22RF


Got some boot grips for the NAA Pug, class it up a little.


I would think that would be the go to back up in an active shooter scenario, where if Escape and Evade are not an option, that would be better than nothing at all!


I donno, Ive got a NAA in 22 WMR. put the clip grip on it. dang hot lil handful. makes a fine saturday night at the fights or sunday go to meetin gun…


It’s a perfect deep concealment or backup gun. Weighs half a pound loaded, and .22Mag isn’t nothing. I’ve also got the clip grip, which is pretty convenient, but I’m gonna try to boot grips for a little. Maybe get an ankle holster of some sort.

And it’s a blast to shoot. Even .22lr kicks and shoots fireballs, and fan firing .22 is a cheap thrill.


Here’s my collection.


@Violentmarauder I see you have the tripod mount as well for the browning! :+1:

(And I am guessing you are married from the pink AR? I am as well…have several pink guns! Lol) :grin:


Bad angle for that one it’s actually a dark red.

But yes I am married.


@Violentmarauder red is cool! Wife runs blood red and black guns for her 3-gun competition.

Me…I like green!

Your gonna be an interesting fellow to chat with.:grin::+1:


Avid gun collector/builder. I do my own reloading as well.


@Violentmarauder Yep, your gonna fit in well around here!:+1:


Appreciate it. Can’t wait to try out the sub2k upgrades.


@Violentmarauder You have a very nice collection of firearms Paul.


@Violentmarauder talk to us about that machete in the bottom of your pic…I don’t recognize it?


Thanks the AR’s are all built from scratch. Bought my first rifle 8 years ago “A freakin’ Mosin” went on to get my C&R license and this is the result. Very addicting. That god for all the overtime to pay for they toys otherwise I would have driven us into the poor house.


@Violentmarauder Yeah my wife does that to me! Between ammo and range fees she spends $400 a month just on sporting clays! Then there is IDPA and 3-gun!!:angry:

But a wife who shoots is “priceless” so I keep my moaning and groaning to myself.:grin:


@Violentmarauder Nice collection, I am jealous :smiley: