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OK, trigger blade safety makes more sense than magwell… thanks


LOL, it’s not an issue with the magwell, the stamping you’ll find on the magwell will confirm if your firearm has been upgraded. Thanks.


Well as I don’t own the firearm I glanced through it but you’re welcome actually @godallmighty posted this so he should get the credit. I just saw your post and remembered the recall and something about a mag well I’m not really that old but my memory is fading already


I purchased this one back in the 90s.

HK91 with PSG1 Components I picked up every now and then, I have the original stock, trigger groups stored away.


@goretro77 what scope mount you go with? I tried a couple of A.R.M.S, both cracked, a B-Square i couldnt keep locked down , till i finally bit the bullet and bought a S.T.A.N.A.G. surplus claw lock mount. for my H&K93. looks like a claw loc, but i cant tell by the pic.


I have an A,R,M,S, on mine. I have been lucky that mine has had no issues. knock on wood.


that pic was when I was running the B square with one of the early comp M aimpoints, if they would have the made the turn /tighten screw left hand thread where it was self snugging, it would have been great, solid mount, just by shot 10 it would loosen from recoil.

shfted to the STANAG with a old leatherwood scope, holds true, never bumps, I just add a adjustable comb when i take it out… canvas strap on. picked up the bipod for it as well for use with the scope.


This is my uncle former M.A.R.S.O.C. running the bolt rifle like a boss, I wish he hadn’t moved away he taught me a lot.

1898 krag carbine he has all kinds of old firearms I am so jealous


love the 30/40 with a what looks like a lyman adj peep…


Bone Factory stock (not for long) Patriot Brown Sub2K has arrived.


@goretro77 Very nice pair you have.


Just found this online…Baltimore City, Maryland had a resent Gun Buyback Program and this rocket launcher showed up, the Police gave them $500 for it.


@dave67 :sob::sob::sob: ridiculous.


I am fond of the AT4 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Goblin, my father was an engineering test pilot for Sperry Gyroscope, back in the late fifties through 1973 when he passed away from cancer. He was one of the test pilots when Sperry developed the inertial navigation system. Sperry bought a Martin 404 from a company in San Diego that operated out of Lindberg Field, and I made the round trip with him when he picked it up and flew it back to what used to be McArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma/Central Islip (we lived in Lake Ronkonkoma at the time). They used it as the main test bed for the INav system. At the time, they also had two C-47s, two Aero Commanders, a seaplane that I think was called a Widgeon, and a T-33 trainer. He flew them all, at one time or another, taking me up in them on numerous occasions - except the T-33. The company did not allow anyone other than a pilot in the jet, even though I seem to recall it was still a two-seater at the time.

Sperry Gyroscope made their own ball bearings for their bombsight used in a number of the bombers during WWII. My dad was a B-17 pilot way back then, flying out of Eye, England with the 490th Bomb Group in the Eighth Army Air Corps/Air Force. He joined the USAF after the war, flying B-47s and then B-52s for SAC. I was born in Houston when he was stationed at Ellington Airfield. When my mother insisted he resign or she would, we moved to NY where he ended up going to work for Sperry.

Before he died, he became an executive pilot for Sperry Rand, flying a couple of Falcon Fanjets they bought from Dassault. When he developed cancer, Sperry continued paying him and my step-mother his salary right up until he passed away, even though he was paralyzed by his spinal tumor and couldn’t fly anymore. It was a good company back then.


@Matt used to have a whole stack of spent LAW rocket tubes that we would give to kids to play with on base housing.

They probably don’t do that anymore😕


@Johnksg Probably not’ They could poke their eye Out’ :rofl: Seening as it’s XMas Eve and the Christmas story movie will be On tonight my Favorite’


@DivaMarie naw they just ran around base housing playing “army man” and bashing each other over the heads with the fiberglass tubes! :grin::+1:


@Johnksg Too’ D888 Funny !:rofl::+1:


Very nice Mauser, you put a lot of effort into that one!