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Official Gun Picture Thread


Was my first firearm. Just felt perfect in my hand and I was in love


@Pablo, Mine too and I ‘qualified’ with mine… It all started from there!


Never hunted or been into wooden stock guns… but those are friggin’ beautiful


lovely no matter how you stack 'em


@Pablo better make sure that Walther isn’t affected by the recall, something to do with the mag well I believe when the weapon is dropped it has potential to fire. Just a heads up. Unless your wife is savy with pistols I wouldn’t let her handle it too much with a loaded chamber. Just be careful


@dave67 You Took the words out of my Mouth so was I:heart_eyes:


@godallmighty yep that was the one. belted out the horsepower for that car, think it was 115 before tweaks. .somewhere around 138 after.extremely narrow angle V4( 11 degrees,20’) 75 mm stroke, and 82mm bore. 1584 cc. I couldnt easily ship it back to the states without a bunch of changes, $$$$
so I sold it to a “Mustang”, before i shipped back. I shoulda shipped it to Canada and drove it across the border…


Thank you, had no knowledge. I’ll ask my shop they’re so money


Though my wife is an absolute badass


@Pablo I am so jealous of your open range holy crap. Is that private land or are you just in the middle of nowhere?


Ha. No. I live in downtown denver. Sad urban environment. That was Thanksgiving in northern arizona. Was amazing to go out and just shoot.


And that was national forest outside of Winslow


@Pablo that is awesome man, I am all out of likes for the day again…but that makes me miss living in the sticks. I could go out the back door and shoot all I wanted my how I miss that laid back intimate range setting. Nice AR as well.:ok_hand:


Thx. I’m a newbie but very analytical and feel like I made a wise choice with LWRC


@Pablo you taught her well, couldn’t help but notice her trigger discipline in the pic.:ok_hand:


She honestly has more experience with guns than I. Like I said, badass!


My family has lived in Prescott, AZ since the '80s. The northern half of the state is amazing. We moved from there up to Utah in 2014 and it’s been pretty great here for shooting, too. It’s 90+% one BIG, empty state and I love it. :+1:


Can’t find anything on Walther site, and now thinking outloud, how could a mag or mag well issue bypass the trigger safety and cause an accidental fire?


welcome to the forum keith, nice guns, merry christmas and happy new year @keith_Mod70guy