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Thank you very much for the info. Although it is a great gun, I am kind of maxed out on handguns for now. Saving up for my next rifle (probably .243 win).

Still, nice to know that the gun can be gotten for such a reasonable price.


@JohnB no, i haven’t. I have rarely shot it. The day i took it out was the first time in years. I thought it should get a chance to show its stuff, even if only 3rnds.
It is all orig. The only exception being the buckhorn rear sight which I believe was put on in the distance past.
It’s 111-115 years old (i need to pull out the info sheet i got from Winchester. I can’t remember mfg date right off. 1903-1907 i think).
No need for a pad really. I could survive shooting as is, if I were to maybe say take a deer with it sometime. Would be cool to take 1 big game animal with it sometime.


@jeffing65 my 1910 32/20, and my 1912 30WCF octagon rifle, (rifle is a work in progress)

picked up the lil 32/20 because the people thought it was a obsolete cal, they thought it was a 32 win special(irregardless of that, both are still around) 100$ closet find. Now the rifle was ugly, and is a work in progress receiver is out now getting a cyanide finish . heavy octagon barrel, 25&3/8" from muzzle face to receiver. 55$ loft find.
now, from what i could dig up, the leaf sight was the normal one for carbines, and for the longer rifles, you had the option, of the leaf or buckhorn sight.

I like the buckhorn better, to me the leaf bumps to easy just by flexing.

one thing i cannot pass up. a deal on a levergun. thought for a while settin up a home for unwanted Winchesters especially ones made before 1964.:+1:


@GOBLIN I love the old calibers… Couple great finds you made.

I love the home for unwanted (I would call it unappreciated) Winchesters and other oldies idea.


@jeffing65 thats why you will hear me refer to “nuggets” from time to time. how i got my model 29 /2 as well, 'out of time 'sock drawer special" I love the old steel.

a few years ago, found a few canister shot(buried in walls) and a trapdoor springfield in a 100 year old house we were taking apart for the lumber to sell to fix rainbow row houses in charleston, that were ate up by Hurricane Hugo. found the rifle all there, screed in the dirt for a couple of days to find some of the screws. stocked was dry rotted, falling apart, looks to be hangin under the house between some floor joists, by 2 wooden pegs that had rotted away who knows when and dropped it in the dirt.
cleaned the dirt out the barrel, preserved the wood and all the metal, only wall hanger i got that wont shoot. Has a Northern armory mark on it.

Hell I built my hearth and inner fireplace wall, out of old Ballast brick ive found over the years.
all but 3 bricks. one i picked up in Scotland, and 2 that came from a brick cobbled street in Coffeyville Kansas. supposedly in front of Condon and companies bank bricka are dated, cast in. Coffeyville KS 1890


@GOBLIN that is awesome!


and down in this area, you can walk around in the ditches and canals, (mind the gators and snakes) I find these a lot.

I find a lot more going in the rivers snorkling with girlchild.
restored this, last year, WWI marching compass. it was a messed up unit, paid 5$ for it at a junk store polished re enameled it, woulda loved to have the inside coated with tritium but way out of my price range, re-polished the glasses, re cut leather washers and face gasket, reset the magnets, and polished the brass. original case. Marching compass.


@GOBLIN Sweet. I love the Megalodon tooth. :shark::tooth:That’s a prime find. :+1:
The compass is as pretty 5.00 as you could want and the orig. case. The case is worth price LOL.
I have been collecting/hunting arrowheads here since I could walk.


@jeffing65 I see im not the only one who never sleeps…LOL


Top to bottom: Ruger 77 .458 Win Mag, Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .308 Win, Winchester Model 70 Lightweight .270 Winchester and Ruger No. 1in 35 Whelen.


The term: “Add Lightness” applies to both


@goretro77 Love the Lotus. I had a 67 Elan and a 67 Lotus Cortina . Two of my favorites over the years. Oh yea, nice S2K :grinning:


@godallmighty Oh there’s a bright red Lotus and a S2K in that picture?..I was looking at the John Deere.


@godallmighty closest i ever got to a Lotus was a 1969 Lancia Fulvia HF with the 1.6V4. one of the cars i wish i had hung onto. dual carbs, dual ignitions, twist of the shift, change it from a wid gate shifter to a narrow gate, got my tail in more problems with the law than the 67 Hurst olds ever did…


@GOBLIN Is that the one with the single head that covers all the cylinders ? Was a strange little engine. :grinning:



New Walther for the wifey. Merry Christmas and yippee kay yay mother…


And newly pimped Sub with all MCarbo accoutrements and Magpul AFG… and matches, scotch tape and an archaic computer mouse


And the glock


@Pablo, I had just completed my Glock 17 Gen 4 ‘complete’ overhaul and love it!