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Official Gun Picture Thread


@Kona …belt fed? Oh now you have my full attention sir!! :astonished:



They’ve been around for a min. I eat sleep and breathe guns and gun industry so not much slips my radar.


@Kona Ouch $3-4k!? I will stick to my old drum fed Yugo RPK! That is some serious scratch for a semi-auto!


Veterans - thank you all for your service. God Bless you and your families.


I’ll shoot the Sub2000’s Glock 9mm natural partner at the range this weekend:



any thoughts of putting a recoil pad on your .32 win special rifle?


One of these is a BB gun. :thinking:


@Kona The black one is a BB gun.


Hope you are ready to DO US WELL in 2 days.


I purchased an air soft pistol. I upgraded since then.


wow, nice cranksets and “upgrades”. I like cycling too but im just a novice. Mostly into trails, I have no roadbike but have an old school '95 GT RTS-1 mountain bike - ball burnished frame when the frames were hand welded in the USA, a hard tail GT Avalanche and a 2018 Giant Comax Fastroad 1 Flatbar fitness bike.



Wow. They are both pretty convincing. But, my guess is the one that looks like stainless or nickel plated is the BB gun.

So, which is it?


@Kona Who painted the orange extended barrel on that black BB gun?


@Don68 that’s a state regulation to paint the tip orange. Not required in Virginia.


@JohnB no sir. The nickel is the real deal. My absolute favorite piece in the collection. Wouldn’t sell it for the world.


@don68 federal law specifically exempts BB guns from orange tip requirement. States however can still enforce it.



I am impressed. The nickel version is pricey, but very nice.

So, they put a serial number on a BB gun? Would not have guessed that.


@JohnB I had been looking for a nickel 84FS for years but couldn’t find one under $1000. I walked in my LGS a few years ago and my friend behind the counter knew I had been looking. Some old lady’s husband died and she took all his guns and dumped them. The nickel Cheetah was one of them and she put it on consignment for $499. I offered the shop $475 and walked out the door with it practically brand new, maybe a handful of rounds through it, with box and case.



Congratulations on a great find at a great price. I have never seen them even used at that price.


@JohnB There is a used 84FS nickel on Gunbroker right now starting bid $500 or buy now for $550. There are also new ones for $704 buy now.