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I want to start by saying I like both a lot. Personally I like the original Tavor more but maybe its because I have shot it more. I like where the Charging Handle and the mag release is on the Tavor. As you see my reasons are subjective why I chose the Tavor but I feel if I just shoot the X95 more I would grow to like it as much. You have to ask if you like the Tavor to have it’s controls to be in a more AR like position. I say “AR like” because the mag release won’t exactly be where an ARs mag release is but its close, so it will still feel a little different than an AR.

The fact is both have run 100 percent for me making it a pure pleasure to shoot either. X95 is a very good bullpup but I don’t think it is a better bullpup than the original Tavor, it has a more AR like mag release control and the factory trigger is better than the original trigger on the Tavor. I have replaced both with Geiselle trigger packs.

Can’t go wrong with either one in my opinion.


I’m really surprised to hear that. The x95 is based off off the IDF special forces rifles. I like the x95 better pretty much due to the mag release position. (I have only shot 9mm conversion kitsout to 20 yards, no experience with the long range 556 accuracy issues) I hope you got those trigger packs when they were on sale!


laptop issue -


The one request I had when I retired from the PD was if I could take my computer. They told me it had too much “Dept info” on it. I told them I wasn’t intending on using it, I just wanted to take it to the range and shoot the hell out of it! They politely declined. I got a plaque instead. For all the grief it caused me, I would have preferred killing the computer.


I do like the SAR21 the Geissele was the thing that made mine a pleasure also.
THe first time to the range I could not believe how bad it was then investigated and that week had the trigger pack and bow installed and man OH MAN. Do you find much difference with different ammo ?
Did you get the SAR21 with the 18.5" barrel or upgraded ?


Your SAR21 looks good! I only have the Geissele trigger pack installed, I have the bow but have not installed it yet, I’m lucky as mine seems to like the Winchester White Box from Wallyworld.
I purchased mine with the 18.5" barrel.


@oldmanonthemountain Well I am not a computer genius but I can see what your problem is…

Ya gotta bunch of bullet holes in it! :+1::+1:


I purchased mine with the 16" and did the upgrade to the longer one. Figured it would be nice to have 2 barrels it comes with a matched bolt. Then put the Manticore butt plate on. The scope is Primary Arms FFP with ACSS reticle illuminated. Which gets switched with dot.
Your set looks nice framing the S2K.

Took Frankie out to the range today. 25 yds


Any of you guys ever fire one of these? Cool concept. This particular make comes in .38 or 22lr


@flogrown Most pen guns are heavily restricted and outright banned. That particular model escaped the kiss of death by folding and resembling an actual handgun. Not sure how many actually made it to circulation because their company folded rather quickly.


@Kona explains the hefty price he paid if there aren’t many around. Dude forked out $1,500.00 for that joker


@Flogrown Heres another similar item that cannot be owned in my state because no trigger guard.


@dave67 that’s more like something I would own right there. What state do you currently reside @dave67?


@Flogrown Let me just say the eastcoast.


@dave67 I like the NAA 22 mag revolver that folds. A buddy had one I really liked it.


I’ve got the Pug with the folding grip. It’s awesome. Fun to shoot with .22lr, and you can carry it anywhere.


@Flogrown I like that one too…but again, no trigger guard so I can’t legally own. :tired_face: But I can own a Bond Arms that shoots 45ACP and .410? :thinking:559


I bought this Bond Arms Ranger 2 a few years ago. It’s a dam hand cannon. 2 .410 HD’s or a 45 long colt and a .410. It came with a hard case and soft case.


I just picked up this 2019 Personal Defense World Annual Gun Buyer magazine and found this crazy thing thumbing through the pages…I like it! :grin:


@dave67 yep the Fightlite. Straight out of mad max. They make AR with traditional rifle stock as well as a belt fed semi auto upper as well.