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That just proves that your a working man


Just upgraded the safety on the “twins”…from plastic to aluminum. And added a picitinny rail for future PA red dot optics.


Just two of my 9mm collection. My truck gun (KelTec) and home defense (Diamondback). KelTec is a work in progress future mods is forend. AR style stock, and some MCARBO internal upgrades.


Nice pair! I’m interested to see what you come up with for AR buttstock for S2k. Check out @Dred and @JoeFridaySays work, they have presented the foremost in good ideas I’ve seen so far.

Hoping all these great ideas here will someday manifest into the definitive MCARBO solution :+1:


Got my M&P completed with Olight PL Mini. Really happy with how it’s turned out.


@TheThreeLaws Oh pretty!


Pic rails and PA red dots installed on the twins. Waiting on 12 ga bore sight laser to arrive and then dial them in to get them on paper with a slug round.


When I read the USMC was switching over to a HK manufactured M27, I just had to have one
Unfortunatly, I didn’t have $5K
so I built my own clone
Black Hole Weapons 16"HBAR/5,56mm
Adams Arms piston drive
authentic HK buttstock
Geissele trigger
KA USMC iron sights
EOTech Holographic sight
Larue QD biopod
Vortex muzzle device
one can shoot a 30 rnd mag, then drop the bolt into your hand without discomfort
M27-4 P1030810 P1030813 P1030908 P1030941 P1030944


I still need to install my Mcarbo 9mm muzzle brake and RL front sight.


I am sure we have all at one time or another looked at something Bubba did and said too our selves “What the Frak is that?” What was Bubba thinking…right?

Well occasionally we come across something that was sporterized and done right. I have three really nice Mil Surp rifles that were I to pay for them in their original military configuration, I most likely would not have bought them:

Here they are: a Remington Model 1917 aka the M1917 or also known as (incorrectly) as the P17.

A 1903A3 Remington

A Springfield 30-40 Krag or .30 US Army:

Uploading: IMG_0211.JPG…

Of the three the Krag is by far the girl to take to the “dance,” believe it or not she was cheap $225, I didn’t pay over $250 for any of them, which by California over inflated prices, that is a deal!



@goretro77 hell yeah brother!


Thank you brother! I appreciate it! rearranging things around my safe good time for some pics.


@goretro77 don’t think I didn’t see that SIG sticker creeping either :ok_hand:t2:


Love the black powder, what is it? Kentucky or Pennsylvania style?


@Squidder_K Kentucky style. as it was smith built, stock has a cheek piece you usually dont see on em.


@Turmeric1 This photo, I like the baseball glove, all it needs is a slice of apple pie and it will be as all American as old glory herself. :us:


this started as a $300 M24 Mauser in a pre-war French Walnut stock
found it in a gun shop up in Anacortis, Wa years ago
rebarreled by the Yugos in '46
I shimmed and torqued the receiver - floated the barrel
corked the barrel at the front barrel band
had Jim the Boltman do the bolt
Leupold high mount scope rings
Zeiss 3X9 scope with German #4 reticle (what else would one put on a Mauser)
Brasstacker leather cheekrest
Timney trigger that breaks at 2.5#

P1030601 P1030618 P1030621 P1030624


Sometimes you need to take up a cause


BFSIII no sticker


You have both tavors. what are your thoughts on the x95 ?