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Official Gun Picture Thread


I don’t bench shoot very often but wanted to make sure the Sub was dead on. 25 yards benched and ready to go :+1:t2:


@Kona I would say you are “good to go!” :ok_hand: Can’t blame the Sub on your next time out.


@dave67 having some fun with the little target stickers at 25 yards now. I’m either hitting the little stickers or very close to them. They’re about the size of a nickel.


@Kona “aim small…miss small!”


7 yards with my T-120 just the little black dots. I’m too color blind to try the red ones but the wife is haha


@Kona my seven year old son just looked over my shoulder and said, “they hit everything but their target!” (He is the local club bullseye shooter and hustler!)


Darn kid has no respect for his elders when it comes to shooting…one of these days I am gonna put him behind a .308, humble him a bit, and maybe teach him some proper respect!


@Johnksg hahaha I like him already!


Some dads keep photos on the wall…I keep targets the kids have shot over my work bench!

(Darn…I thought I edited out the shame of my clutter?!)


@Kona I am so jealous of your Barrel Shroud


@Kona trust me…don’t let the little one challenge you to a clay match at 25yards! He acts oh so helpless…will let you shoot first, tell you how he can “never shoot as good as you mister!” And will then proceed to clear all the static clays with a single shot each.


@flogrown I wish I could get you one but my brother says the specs are just too different to make a one size fits all between rifles. He’d have to make it specific to your rifle and doesn’t want to do it without having it in hand in case it doesn’t fit.


@Kona I really appreciate that, I totally get having to have it in hand. Your bro is talented. I may look into getting one but I’m a slacker I haven’t even sent my sub off for the retrofit yet. Have no idea why lol guess I’ll miss it too much. Didn’t I see a pic floating around of your bro wielding a Conan the barbarian sword he made?


@Flogrown my buddy holding a gigantic sword my brother made. He’s a skilled machinist for sure.


@Flogrown Yes, back on May 7 under the Looking Sharp, Knife Pic topic.


Thats ok a little out of focus and we hardly even noticed:palm_tree:


@Turmeric1 I am using a three year old Kindle tablet that one of the kids got me for like $35!

Its not the greatest for pictures but it does the job and doesn’t frighten me too much with to many options and gizmos.


From what I read you got much better things to do in your LIFE. GET AT IT L&B’s !!! Guess you have more YOUNGUN’S to make PIE for you !


@johnksg I was just razzin’ you you gave some kind of excues for the MESS and I just figured you used blur feature to try to disguise it. as always Love& Blessings (L&B’s). I just bet your family is going to have so much laughter the next few days !!!
Wish I could be there to crank cream


As with you @flogrown that is WAY TOO sexy !!!v :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rofl: