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Official Gun Picture Thread


what time does the war start :joy:


haha XD not gonna lie… played alot of video games when i was younger and just always want to be prepared from A-Z (aliens to zombies) haha



has anyone ever got those surplus Beretta from the military ?? or was that a rumor


@GOBLIN it’s called a fin grip, only way we can have a ar styled firearm. It called featureless, we can’t have a flash hider, pistol grip, adjustable stock, or vertical forward grip. But with featureless we can drop mags freely.


SUPER JELLY!!! haha sexy


Thank you sir. I appreciate it!


I have the “wanties” pretty dam bad for this shotty…anyone own one in FDE? and if so how well does it run?

Edit update found (2) @ LGS and got a really decent price on a two fer!


First of two FDE Voodoo Tactical Scabbards arrived today. Well made and zombie proof and I chose the longer version. I prefer a safe weapon with trigger protected when chambered/holstered. This will offer decent protection for a truck weapon.

Just posting a few pics, I know we all dig pics.
This pic naturally shows holstered-


This just shows scabbard length and trigger protection. You can place some foam at the bottom of the scabbard to adjust how deep you want the weapon barrel to seat in the scabbard. You won’t have this option on the shorter scabbard offered by Voodoo.


I looked at one with wood furniture. Maybe down the line. Not a very logical first scattergun though…


It’s all perspective my friend :wink:


Her names Alexa and she’s coming w me to my first steel match on Friday.


@kona good luck my friend.


@Flogrown thank you sir. I’ve watched a couple YouTube vids and read the rules. We’ll see how it goes.


BTW @Kona I’ve always liked the chamber flag flare you added. The cool factor is strong


@Flogrown 1st kind of cool 2nd kind of cool says good ole Nutnfancy.


Love it man, you going to have a camera man accompany you? Love your PCC videos


The wife’s the tripod I just haven’t told her yet hahaha. She hates being called tripod.


@Kona She’s beautiful. All decked out in her finest, getting ready for the big dance.



you’re not moving, just pull that trigger as fast as you possibly can!


@Matt and @Kona depends upon the match…in DMG you also move between bays to engage sets, movement is part of time!