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You mention how comfortable it is to carry with the Vedder holster. We need to start a thread on how people concealed carry. I am thin framed with no hips to speak of and have trouble keeping my pants up even without adding the weight of a firearm to my belt or waistband. During the day I carry a briefcase where I can keep it, but I am still looking for the right option for the rest of the day that doesn’t obviously imprint (or cause me to drop trou :laughing:). A heavy gun belt is not an option with my work attire and pocket holsters don’t seem to stay put when I draw. The best solution I have found so far is a belly band holster, but it is cumbersome and access to the firearm is slow. I welcome any suggestions from you or other members.


I can see, no couch potato there.


I think that if you give a look at some of the new gun belts out there you will be amazed at how light they are since the last time you tried them. Crossbreed has some good ones at a reasonable price. I carry in the 3:30 to 4 position and it just fits into my body there.


Scooped up a Blue Label 19x yesterday at my LGS. I have large hands so the 17 frame and 19 slide work fine for me. Comes with G factory steel night sights and a fairly crisp trigger. I like the coyote color in the improved PVD coated slide, marksman barrel, no finger grooves. It also will link up nicely with my coyote G17/S2K gen 2.

A nice shooter and fun range morning.


Happy Saturday brother! Here is what we have in the workshop today! This is a zero compromise PF940SC Build ~79% completed from my spec for build. Currently G26 9mm ball. Currently at 2k grit on entire frame for stipple stencil. Feedback is appreciated. Cheers!(Build List added)


@pezzist mind if I ask you how much the cerakote cost? Really dig the color combo.


I think it was $100 for the slide and trigger. Thanks, I think it turned out well too. I’m still waiting on a lot of stuff to get finished.


my little collection… started when i was 18 and bought my first mosin for 99 bucks!!! then i stopped and started collecting when i was a spc in the Army


Very nice collection their Sir !


Thank you!!! please no need for sir haha names jazz!!! hope to get to know yall all better!


If you stick around Jazz’ you will get Hung Up here on the Brotherhood and Family like the rest of us!! As Far as the Sir’ just the way I was raised and Military School and My time in Navy in Nam.
I Apologize for that comment ! (NOT):rofl:


hahaha i understand !!! 100 :smile:


really interesting build!!! i love it


new hand gun I traded for eaa witness compact 45acp


I have the full size version with the wonder finish. Great gun. Super accurate and reliable. You wont be disappointed!


@CatFood I added my Build-List for you to review. Happy Memorial Day Brother!


@pezzist thanks! I may have to use some of those parts.

Finished my semi lightweight ar build. I don’t like the buttstock, so will switch over to a regular ctr stock with the si stock stop or might try a luthar stock.


Picked up a new Wilson Combat Beretta Brigadier Vertec (top) with my original 92FS purchased early '90s.


Catfood, whats that slotted piece on the pistol grip? i dont get out much, so excuse my question if its been explained before.


@GOBLIN I asked the same question many weeks ago on another picture and Wedge informed me it’s a “get around” device for certain states where you can’t have a pistol grip, keeps your thumb from wrapping around grip.