M*CARBO Brotherhood

Official Gun Picture Thread


Why not have a thread to show off your collection.

Here’s my Sig 320c 9mm. Alpha Mods stipple job, Apex flatty trigger, Olight mini Valkyrie torch.

USMC M27 Semi Auto Clone


Nothing like new gun day!


Now that’s a beauty Clark


Juat bought this today


My FFL had this on consignment. Picked it up for range/in house use.


My newest purchase Glock 19 Gen 4 im currently dumping my money into until I get my Sub2k back from Keltec


This is my 40 S&W Shield. Only thing done(so far) is the stipple and color fill. Total cost of project is less than $10.


I’ve had my .40 shield since they came out and absolutely loved it; however now that I’ve picked up the .45 I’m starting to like that even better. I love the MP line


the hyve mag extenders are great on the MP line, feel great, have worked excellent.


I do love my TAR21!


Popeye1959 That is some real sexy gun porn there! I want a Garand bad… but I do have a Mosin Nagant tho - sounds like Mcarbo is about to release a kit for it too.


Nice trio! Looks like a happy family​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t6:


5.56 NATO, unlike the SAR, this is 100% Israeli made. The Vortex holographic sight is a great optic too.


The new 9mm version has me excited


Another favourite of Spikes LE M4


I keep looking for a x95 fire control pack at a good price. What did you put in yours?


I just have the stock trigger pack, it doesn’t bother me at all


Like, Like, Like :eyes:


Popeye’59 Mine is a “run of the mill” I guess 91/30 unissued, #'s matching. from the Ishvisk (or whatever) armory. I think it’s pretty cool and it’s stupid easy to be accurate with. :grin: Want a Enfield 30.06 too (my dad carried one on Iwo)