M*CARBO Brotherhood

Off to the range today

Lucky enough to have a decent amount of ammo at my disposal and I’ve been brushing up on my skills using dry fire training at home with a laser. Time to head out and see if I’ve improved my shooting skills…

I bought a mini tripod that I’m going to take with me and record my shooting with my phone so I can review the footage when I get home and maybe get some insights.

I’m going to try some +P ammo for the first time now that I purchased a heavier recoil spring from Gray Guns. I’m also going to try out a variety of ammo to see if it all functions fine in my P226.

If the results aren’t too embarrassing maybe I’ll post some results here later.

And yes, I do enjoy posting pictures of my P226


Embarrassing nothing. Post the results. :+1: Seeing the different ammo results, and function reports is great info when side by side from the same gun and shooter.