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Off Road Vehicles


This would be my ultimate off roader. Drive it straight into a pond, lake, river, whatever a floating off roader that propels through water yes please. Holy crap I have wanted one of these forever


Geeze! Even ‘on sale’, they’re still mighty proud of 'em!



@SnuffySmiff Ya I know, but how many vehicles can you just plow straight into the water from land? They have the market on that and they take full advantage. Used units sell for more than I just paid for my new to me truck


@Flogrown They Really are Proud of Those Units!:money_mouth_face: More than I paid for My first Ghetto Trailer.:rofl: Forty years Ago.


Still-no where’s near the $60,000 that Sherpa goes for! Just have to save more for an Argo…


If I was stupid rich I would get one of these groovy old Bombardier snowcoaches to resto mod for winter campin’ and skiing. It would be like a rock star bus inside :sunglasses: :metal:


hers my dream off roader



Finally got the wife to agree to take the jeep off road. going primitive camping in two weekends. only took 4 years.IMG_20141219_134240_250%20(640x448)


@KM55 Persistence prevailed. :+1: Where are you going?


See @SnuffySmiff? I’m not the only ‘one’ around here…:crazy_face::sweat_smile:


Good for you! lol Let that poor Jeep out of the yard and off the leash - it wants to run and play in the woods and get dirty! It’s MUCH too clean lol


@TriggerHappy @KM55 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


@KM55 … I don’t know if you’ve driven off road before or where you plan to take the Jeep, but I’ll offer a bit of advice from things I learned while beating the snot out of my old FJ40s.

  1. don’t engage your 4wd until 2wd fails you
  2. airing down your tires will help tremendously off pavement, but it requires you to have a plan to get them aired back up when you return to the pavement
  3. the less tracks you leave (spinning wheels type tracks) the better unless you’re mudd’n
  4. know how high your air intake is if you’re gonna cross water
  5. stopping will get you stuck - keep her slow and steady
  6. scout any difficult sections on foot and make a plan that will get you through without stopping or backtracking.
  7. it’s more fun if you leave the doors and the top at camp - unless it rains on you
  8. pack a come-a-long or a hi-lift jack if you’re not absolutely certain you can complete your course
  9. tell someone where you plan to go and try to follow the plan you shared
  10. if you have phone service, have a charged phone and charger too
  11. pack a flashlight, a good knife, a cooler with food and water and pack a change of clothes; also have a heavy trash bag so you can carry out trash (yours and the SOBs’ litter left before you arrived).
  12. understand that not every human you find wanted to be found.

Have fun.


@Dred Now that was a whole bunch of damn good advice right there! :+1::+1::+1:


@Dred That’s a great list. I will add a couple things to it also.

  1. Fire extinguisher
  2. Shovel

@KM55 I have a 2011 2dr Jeep so a couple of things specific to the Jeep.

  1. if you think it will be necessary to carry antifreeze for any reason remember it requires G-05

  2. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Have a "GOOD breaker bar/large ratchet and a GOOD socket that fits the lug-nuts properly. The factory lug-nuts have that POS thin, tinny, cap crimped around them.

I had to pull a wheel off one day to fix a flat here at my house. I tried using the factory lug wrench to begin with and in the process it tore that thin stuff right off two of the nuts and damaged a third without loosening a one. Once that happens the factory lug wrench will be loose on the nut.
The nuts were so tight that it took all my 200lbs+ standing on my best 2ft ratchet to loosen them, And that was just barely.
If I had been on the road or in the desert with only the factory tire iron I would have been screwed. They would have been absolutely impossible to remove.


Some Jeep Pics. My 1953 CJ3B First day of school. 10th grade 1980

My 1977 CJ5 Levi Strauss Renegade
As you can see, the first 4 are after a wheels up incident, and the last is after its resurrection



@jeffing65 you done a lovely job on it jeff many more years of happy driving


This is the 78 F150 pictured in the earlier post, about a year later. It has a brown hood and shell, after a local lumber company had a truck load of unsecured plywood dumped on it when they were going around a corner, taking out the original grill, hood, and camper shell.

These pics were taken on Monday, May 25, 1998. This is 4 days after getting it, a Jeep Wagoner, and a F250 4x4 4dr all stuck when the road completely disintegrated under us and turned to pudding. We got the Jeep out of the hole with the water in it, on the first day.
After the 2nd day we cut a ditch off the road behind me, to drain out the running mud and water. . Originally the mud was up to the chrome trim running down the center of the passenger side, covered the right rear tail light and went across the back leaving only the left tail light above mud level. I’m standing on the very tip of a huge boulder buried under the road. Every where else in the road was waist deep pudding.

And this is what happened the following Friday. I was turning onto a BLM desert road off of U.S. 93 when a guy rear-ended me doing just under 100 mph, throwing us across and off the road turnout, then rolling twice out into the sage brush.

2 weeks after this my '66 mustang GT was stolen.


@jeffing65 you just don’t seem to have any luck with motors jeff


@hunter1916 Does seem that way sometimes. LOL
Have to take into account the number of years, number of miles, and number of cars and trucks I have had though.
And the fact that, even in the serious wrecks I have been in, no one has died or been seriously and permanently injured. That can be seen as very good luck. Things could have turned out very bad just as easily.