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Off Road Vehicles


@godallmighty is that a CanAm?


@Johnksg Mr Cuddles The Plasan Yagu lightweight armored vehicle.At its heart, the Yagu is actually a 1,687-pound Arctic Cat four-seat all-terrain vehicle upgraded with armor protection and military-grade accoutrements


I have a 95 Yamaha Kodiak. It’s been one of the most reliable machine I own. I replaced the carb last year. Ethanol fuel ruined the factory one. Batteries and tires plus the new front axles I just installed are the repairs it’s needed since 95. I’ll post pics when I get it outside. It’s raining now


@godallmighty so will it do better than my old Ford f-150 with tool box and winch?

Can put a couple of hillbillies in the back with rifles if need be…just sayin’


@Johnksg Better is such a subjective word. I see a F-150 I see a work truck, I see this and I see “sex,drugs and rock and roll” ie: fun. And you can keep the hillbillies. :wink:


@godallmighty you live in Oregon! Don’t pretend we don’t have some hillbillies!!

And what else should a truck do but work?

You honestly got me on that one! :grin:


@Johnksg Mr Cuddles I’ve been retired long enough that I forgot what work is.:+1:


@godallmighty Howard, it is that thing you do with your hands that builds thick calluses?

And when you get our age you pay a kid to do it for you while you tell, “back in my day” stories!


Mr Cuddles Oh that stuff.:rofl: Yea it’s time to take a nap, all this talk of work made me tired.


@godallmighty my dear Duck of Death…nap? It’s near bedtime! :joy:


Mr Cuddles , I’m on a strange sleep schedule , wake at 9 nap at 5 sleep at 1.


I would love to have this bus, but I’ll just stick with my 2000 Nissan Frontier CrewCab for awhile.


Been scanning some old pics and came across this one. 1978 F150 4x4 Ranger Lariat

@Johnksg This is the truck in our conversation about the winch and come-along to keep it from rolling off the side of the mountain.


I still have this '79 bronco.



I had a blue 79. I used to take the top off and go to the drive in theater with my ex! lol


BUT-do ANY of the above float, long term?!?

this Russian-made vehicle does:

this is the one I’m holdin’ out for -but they supposedly start @ $60K so it won’t be happenin’ any time soon!


@SnuffySmiff doesnt have the armor, but find a older ARGO 6 or 8 wheeler. DNR uses em round here, 4 wheeler and swamp boat all in one. and, check your state, DNR had to sell off (auction) alll their older ones with either the twin levers or MC bars, and go to the steering wheel style with foot braking. they steer by brakeing, 2 discs with 2 ea 4 or 6 piston calipers , with one on each jack shaft. good set of mud bug or mud shark tires, and they peppy in the water…arco%206


@GOBLIN @SnuffySmiff Here is my personal favorite! :grin:


This off-road enough for ya?? No, really a pavement queen, just not street legal. I burnt out a $150 racing clutch riding off road the weekend of this pic😫

Original owner of this 1973 Lil Indian minibike I built from a kit back in the early 90s. Built two. Father and son project we rode for years. Kids grew, minibikes kicked around in the garage until I restored/rodded them out with Honda clone 212cc go kart racing engines. I GPS’d top speed at 52mph with still more to go, but not enough straightaway! Bout as fast as I want to go on 6” wheels.


There’s always that ‘one’, am I right! LOL!