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Mrs. new toy.

JD 825M. Just need to get the snow plow on it and she will be ready for winter. :cloud_with_snow:


Hey buddy you ever catch any Roadkill? I’m totally obsessed with this show and wanna do something like they do :+1::+1::+1:


@TriggerHappy Never seen this show. going to watch it now. I like it so far, it’s starting out with a Ford. lol


:grinning: :+1:


that was awesome! I love those kind of projects.:+1::+1::+1: fun…fun…fun…lol


@TriggerHappy I’m a fan of wheel standers too. I saw ed jones alot when I was bracket racing in the late 80s. .Back then it was the “Jolly Rancher” stagecoach and then later the firetruck. He injected cinnamon into the exhaust and it would cover the entire raceway.




Hang on!!


No wheel drive


@dave67 Thats such a great shot of them together.


Outstanding :heart_eyes: want one of these for the mine/road So Bad’ No Damn Dealers Close’ The Shipping would Double the Price to SE AK.


@TriggerHappy oohhhhhh!!! nooooooo!!! The minute it started bouncing I knew what was coming.


@godallmighty gota’ love those jets. I got to see jet cars quite a few times. Always exciting.


@jeffing65 No doubt - that’s hard to watch. But on the other hand how many people can claim they rolled a blown hemi at 80 years old? (and walked away from it) 1 - Bob Riggle :sunglasses: :+1: Much respect! I owned a '67 'cuda for a while when I was a kid. It was not the fast back and it had the little 273 V8 and a 2 speed auto in it but still… add that to list of things I wish I still had. :cry:



Much respect indeed!!!
Several buddies I grew up and raced with are Mopar guys. Of them 3 are barracuda nuts. Between them i think they have had and mostly still own one from every year 1965-1973. My roommate back then had two, a 65 w/273 4spd and a 68 formula S converted to a pro-drag tube chassis.


I have a friend who I grew up with and went to school with from k-12 grade who has every different '67 Chevelle made - 2 door, 4door, 2 door rag top, el camino and station wagon - ranging from nice to very cherry!. The rag top is canary yellow and shakes the ground :sunglasses:


Nice, that’s the way to do it.


Just found this on the interweb


@godallmighty Now that is a UTV I would want!!

Can I ring mount my RPK I wonder?