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That’s never going to happen it cost me all my savings


i apologize for your loss


I once rolled my IH scout and sold it for scrap! …sigh the stupidity of youth and ignorance!


that sounds fun !! lolol


@Johnksg how did you like the scout? I want one just for the nostalgic factor and the cool factor too. I almost bought an 89 Montero 4wd to play with it was so cool but asking too much.


@Flogrown it was a rugged, simple little vehicle. I used to drive it over the pass during the winter to bring my mother back from the hospital as a teenager and it never let me down.

One of the vehicles from my youth that I still wish I had!


I would absolutely execute a hit for an old rag top bronco


@Flogrown if it tells you anything the bronco was a “softer” ride than the scout…that thing would rattle the teeth out of your head on washboards! Lol


In general I despise GM, but rather than see it go to the crusher, I gave one of my buddy’s 200 bucks for this 78 3/4 ton 4x4 4spd, 4.11 stump puller with a blown motor. I have a running 305 I can throw in it so hopefully it will be worth the effort and not bite me in the butt… lol


@jeffing65 Body looks to be in good shape, I think you did ok.


@dave67 It’s not perfect for sure but it’s in fair shape. I hate Chevy, but even so, it being a 3/4 ton 4wd and 4.11 gears I just hated to see it scrapped.


@jeffing65 I’m a Ford truck guy myself. I got a 2002 F250 (206,000mi) 4x4 5.4L 330ci with 4:10 gears and 5000lb. air bags but there are Chevy guys that love that body style you just bought.


If someone would donate a big blown Chevy motor, or a Merlin maybe LOL I think it would make a great puller, or sand drag-er.


I’m a Ford guy too.
94 F250 ext cab 4x4 460cid 4.10’s
79 Bronco 400 auto
75 F250 ext cab 2wd 390 4spd flatbed
76 F150 2wd 390 4spd
66 Galaxie 2dr hardtop 352 auto
68 Galaxie 4dr hardtop 390 auto


Well Christmas is just around the Corner’ Hey Santa I need to Hear the Whine of a Supercharger for Christmas’


@DivaMarie Hey, there’s an idea! How 'bout that Santa? I would be willing to haul it all the way to Alaska for its maiden run.
We can finally answer the age old question. “How many mosquitoes per second can a finely tuned supercharger really consume?”.


@DivaMarie I don’t know about inquiring minds, but I’d love to know. lol


@DivaMarie and @jeffing65 in AK? I am betting it would be a be a “shit-ton of mosquitoes!” ( i am pretty sure that is the proper scientific unit of measurement up there?


@Johnksg I swear some of the mosquitoes up there weigh in at a "shit-ton " each .


What a Cool Thought and Idea, Probably should bring a Extra Impeller or 2! Internals would look like something From a Sand Storm, Then the Pit’s From the Damn Horse Fly’s from Hell.