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Well when we pulled old motor out the different detergents in synthetic oil losened some build ups and crude to temporarily blocked oil pump it’s all it took the timing chains looked ok in it which is the real problem with these motors I like my sport Trac it’s odd ball enough that most people have no idea what it is and it’s longer wheel base gives it a good ride


ASE Master Mechanic Retired’ Toyota and Honda’ You could not give me a GM/Ford Product’
Yes they get Big Bucks for Starters, But the Only thing that Normally goes out is the Primary Contact which you can buy both $10 at Any good Electrical Repair Shop. As far as Transmission
Repairs,10 to 1 GM to Toyota. Of course I believe in Oil Changes every 3000 miles too! For what it’s worth.:sunglasses:


Amen to that! and now we have a Push button ignition Start Switches ?? If it does not have a Clutch pedal and a five speed and window cranks I don’t need it or want it. :rofl:


@DivaMarie I have always loved to put in Push Button Ignition switches with a nice battery connect switch and a switch to turn on the fuel pump. Maybe it’s the racer in me , but I like them. I agree about the clutch, I taught high performance driving for over 20 years and as the years went by, less and less people even knew what a manual trans was.


A manual transmission is now considered a millennial anti theft device


That’s why I drive one and give all of my friends children “millennials” a lesson in driving a manual tranny vehicle, especially girls, if they are in a situation and there is only a manual vehicle, I want them to be able to drive it out of the situation. I personally enjoy driving manual except when I’m sitting in traffic, my knee starts to throb after 30 min driving through Atlanta.


@Omnivious People like their automatic cars because it’s easier to text, do makeup, eat, drink or hold a phone up to their ear while driving.


You’d be surprised what I can do while driving a manual transmission vehicle :wink: and I don’t think it’s fair to limit that to Americans…


Lol, yes, if people were as careful with cars, including myself, as they are with firearms, we would have a lot less accidents.


LMAO😂 ‘cuz it’s sad but oh so true!


I Taught and Made all the stepdaughters learn a Stick Shift if they wanted to get a License ! Then we went into Off road driving and The Basic’s Never take you foot out of it !:sunglasses:


I think it’s more important than ever for young ladies to know how to get themselves out of a “sticky situation” for lack of a better term, whether it be self defense or weapons training or learning how to drive, ride, or navigate a boat, I believe even if you never need to use the skill set, it’s better to have. A girl who is well trained to defend themselves are 90% more likely to flee or thwart the attacker. I’m glad that I don’t have any daughters out there but when I see my friend’s daughters, I just want to make sure no one can do them any harm.


This lil utv would take me everywhere…unfortunately I sold it when we moved to the coast. Now wife wants a golf cart for sporting clays! Lol


Our offroad vehicle:

We autocross in the C Prepared class. Dedicated car, gutted interior, slicks, 5L LS1, 2800#.


I HATE C Prepared. Truth is I just wasn’t competitive. I bet you’d chuckle when I rolled up to compete in C Prepared in a BMW 2002 but the coilovers and the 2.3L M motor and the dogleg tranny and the LSD and the Volvo 240 brakes and rear disc brakes landed me there.

Strangely, responding to your post has reminded me why I do so many firearm projects.


Oh, I never said we were competitive!! :wink:

We did think of converting our 86 SVO to C Prepared. A couple of competitors indicated that with the weight break and turbo, it could be competitive. Knowing how much the ‘little stuff’ eats up the budget, we opted for a built car. We’ve been updating ever since. Still, it’s a fun project.

And I understand about the firearm projects. Building IS building. :smiley:


My 87 YJ… took me years to complete and secs to destroy… fire arms have been a better hobbies for me financially ROFL

After 3 4.2L engines and 2 pugeont transmissions i went with a 350 small block and turbo transmissions … forgot the name… and stuck in a np231 transfer case. the Original 87 transfercase is also a POS … if your using it to wheel… from my exp… but for some people it lasted for ever … maybe i cant drive lmaooo…

my jetty is my daily driver… i hate it with a passion

35050_1482634182489_3287178_n Uploading: 20150410_182942.jpg… IMG_1889 IMG_1891 IMG_1897 IMG_1903

Drove her literally all over CALI and all the way to fort Campbell TN and back home to LA


lmao jesus christ XD


Well this year been a tuff year for my my sport Trac replaced engine because oil express put wrong oil in truck on my limited budget it screwed me been trying to play catch-up on bills and savings is stressing me out I needed a break but got a broken shackle instead still love the truck and cheaper then buying new one


WOW that horrible… They should replace your motor for ruining it…

best of luck to you