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Well my DD is in for a heart transplant she started rod knocking after a 1000 miles using full synthetic oil what a mistake I didn’t want to change place that changed my oil put it in but can’t prove that cuased it to lose oil pressure or clog oil pump


When I started reading your comment, I thought you were talking about your designated driver (DD) and then I realized you meant daily driver (DD) :dizzy_face: glad it wasn’t your designated driver… :+1:


The Taco won’t die


Well putting a newer engine in my sport Trac is becoming a real challenge we are engine number 2 both they sent us have bad chain guides waiting for engine # 3 to arrive this is getting old


@Jefft1967 Damn man with luck like that you may want to stay away from Vegas. That really sucks. Hope better luck is on the way. What are the chances


The chances when it’s a Ford? Pretty high… Transmission and engine issues galore on any Ford I ever had the pleasure of being around with the exception of my buddy’s 1988 Ford ranger 4 banger…


@Omnivious I had a ranger XLT it was the worst truck I have owned to date. The Tacoma is like an anvil


Yes, my 95 Toyota pickup was indestructible, but as far as Ford’s go, the 88 ranger was the only one that I would rely on to get me to point b and maybe c, d would be pushing it…


@Omnivious I have owned a 91 Toyota pickup, a 93 Toyota T100 and a 99 Toyota Tacoma all bought new. All I can say is I now own since new a 2002 F250 5.4L 4x4 with over 200,000 miles on it.


As someone who works on cars and trucks for a living(25 years), Ford is the only thing id buy. Fiat(Chrysler) and Government motors(Chevy) have the worst transmissions in the buisness, not to mention had to be bailed out at taxpayer expense to even stay in buisness.
As far as foreign cars go, wont own one. Sure they can be reliable, but if they break the expense can easily double what a domestic car costs to fix.


Only thing I’ve changed other than the usual tune up and wear out parts on my Tacoma was a new crank pulley/harmonic balancer and rear drive shaft that’s it. It’s been more than reliable and sold me for life not to mention it holds resale better than any other


I don’t think I ever had a problem getting parts for my Toyota pickup, didn’t really need any parts that I didn’t break, but I did get the replacement parts for a good price


Owned 5 Ranger XLT extended cab trucks, '88,'95,'98,'01 and '07. All had the V-6. 2 with manual trans and 3 automatics. No problems except a recall for a cracked tire valve stem on the '07. Would still own one except '12 was the last year produced. Gave my '07 to my son and he’s racking up the mileage with no problems.


The 99 taco v6 3.4 currently sits @ 255,000 on it with no signs of giving in and I put it through hell at the hunting club


Its one thing if you can fix yourself too. Save all the labor rate. Have a trans go out in a foriegn car. Huge price difference having one rebuilt from the big 3 to the foriegn cars, especially on the newer stuff.
Give you an example: i just rebuilt a trans for a Nissan pathfinder. Customer cost $3800
Similar domestic vehicle Ford explorer/expedition, Chevy Tahoe/trailblazer, or Dodge Durango/pick-up…somewhere in the $1500-2000 range depending if customer wants us to do upgrades.
Significantly more expensive.
Same can be said for alternators, Starters, etc
Just my 2 cents


Well, it really depends on the car, if you’re talking about Nissan, Mitsubishi or Subaru, yes it will be more expensive but at the same time, try to repair a 2003 Thunderbird, it may cost you more than what you paid for your car, and some of the Ford SUVs when they decided it was a good idea to mix range Rover parts to make the explorer, a Toyota pickup is not expensive to repair, probably about the same as domestic, the parts mostly all come from the same place anyway, China or Mexico.


I have seen many dodges with failed tranny’s I would say they are the worst transmissions hands down


@Flogrown Any vehicle that has a dial knob for a gear selector really sucks.:face_vomiting:


I had '98 Dodge turbo diesel quad cab 4x4 for years - awesome truck, part tractor, part cruise ship. Damned 5th gear went out in it 3 times :rage: and all it was was the nut that held the gear on would fail. Don’t run those things in 5th with a load, it puts too much torque on it apparently. I had that thing up to 112 m.p.h. one time heh heh…


@TriggerHappy My buddy killed his pulling his boat and it had a tow package…!?