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Off Road Vehicles


@TriggerHappy Use it in good health. It looks great.


Oh hail yea…!!:+1:


@godallmighty @Boomchucker Thanks guys - I’ve been wanting one since I was a kid. Jeeps are kinda like AR15s… Legos for adults. :grin: :+1:


sweet!! Willy’s military version i see.
i will have to dig out all my old pics and scan them so i can upload some.
one of my jeeps was a 1977 cj5 Levi Strauss renegade. 304 4bbl, 3spd, Offenhauser finned alum. valve covers (really pricey, but the only ones you could get back then, and they are still 300.00 a pair). stainless headers, SmittyBuilt class 3 cage. dual shocks front and rear, hand built front pushbar, 15x10 solid chrome steel wheels with moon hubcaps.


It’s a ‘63 CJ5 with a Chevy 350, Dana 44’s with lockers & 33" tires. The roll cage is a little funky but hell for stout. Yea it apparently had a factory snorkel originally - I was thinkin’ about getting a stuffed Garfield or somethin to plug the hole heh heh. I want to get a better rear recovery bumper and tire carrier but it’ll do for now. It’s got a lot of fresh parts but still needs some work (noisy gear boxes)


if it has the original t90 3 speed trans. it will be a little noisy because of the straight cut gears.
Being military it would have originally had a 24 volt elect. system, and could have had snorkel, sealed plug wires etc.


Not exactly sure what trans it has yet but it is a four speed non synchro w/ granny low (with straight power punch in it lol) Jeeps are a science all their own and I have a lot to learn, I need to find a good forum to really start figuring out what I want/need to do. Been watchin a lot of Roadkill and Dirt every day vids :+1:


Would a Mule Named Rhoda in the Black Hills count?


Heck yea! Some of these new atv & utv are pretty cool and I have definitely considered something like that. That’s some beautiful country there for sure…


You will like the 4spd. I had a 76 cj5 6cyl. with a rare, optional, factory 4spd in it.
I look forward to watching your progress in the future. :+1:


Here’s my 1991 Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer. My uncle bought this new in '91 and I got it about a year later when I was 15 and it’s been mine ever since. Sadly, I don’t ride it anymore. :frowning:


@GL9CK Nice toy. Thanks for the picture of the snow. I have not seen any in over 6 years. I think I miss it. :sob:


Thank you! That was snow from last year or maybe 2 years ago now. We have been in a snow drought as well. We still get it, but we sure don’t get hit as hard or as frequently as we used to. This summer it’s been raining nonstop so I hope that carries over to this winter. I want another blizzard! :smiley:


@GL9CK I live on the Oregon coast , they say it rains all the time here. NOT. We are in a drought also, but we don’t get snow. :sob:

Here is a picture of an off road vehicle I used to play with. :grin:


that, my friend, is definitely off road… :open_mouth:


not an off road vehicle per say but it was definitely off the road, google maps took me on an adventure when I went camping in the north georgia mountains and this happened.


Wow, that’s USCGC Northwind! She’s been decommissioned for quite a while now. When I was assigned to USCGC Sherman back in the late ‘70s and it was in a long-term shipyard overhaul, I almost got to go TAD to the USCGC Westwind (one of Northwind’s sister ships) for an Operation Deep Freeze deployment to Antarctica. I was bummed when I didn’t get selected for the deployment. Ended up staying with the Sherman pulling shipyard fire watches :sob:


@VAbowhunter I think working on Northwind was about the best job I ever had. Been to places I could never even begin to have imagined . Blue%20water%20 nwind4


@godallmighty Now that is about as “off road” as you can get.


@godallmighty That’s an absolutely awesome pic. :+1: