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Off Road Vehicles


Show off those off road vehicles and some of the crazy places you have been


here’s my little mud toy


Here’s a cleaner look


That was after a mud bog contest made two of three bogs I knew thrid was one was a no way it would make it as I only have 31 inch tires and mud over 2 feet deep not bad for handicap capped old fart with my odd ball explorer sport Trac


This is my truck. Seen its share of muddin but i clean it immediately after taking her out. Its an 02 with 309k miles on it and theres not a spec of rust anywhere on her


My 03 Baja, use it on the beach and logging roads. So far has not left me stranded


I like Baja but wish they redo the brat


Great looking f250 there beast s when there taken care of


K … so …

My two wheeled off-road/end-of-days scoot …


Had to tag her Asphalt when I used her to earn myself a helicopter ride to the hospital back in '13. She’s a little worse for wear but the rebuild should be done by the end of this year.

Edited to add: She’s a 2000 Triumph Tiger - 900 cc/ 3 cylinders of don’t need no fancy pavement. Yes, very different from what I picture when I think Triumph Tiger too.


I would buy a Brat if they came out with it again.


How about a brat sti model


Hoping next year to start solid axel conversion to the sport Trac then it will be the odd ball truck no one forget


I’m a Jeeper myself. I also enjoy alternating with the Subaru on beach days.



I have an off road vehicle for the beach too… :sunglasses: :+1:



one of my old buddies had some awesome hot rod boats over the years.
He referred to them as his really fun and flashy toys, that in reality were mostly just a hole in the water in which he could throw some of his money…


That’s generally true with boats lol… Boat = Break Out Another Thousand haha This old girl hasn’t been too bad all in all… bought used for small money, used the hell out of it, great little waterski puller! Nice flat wake, pops you up quick and tracks pretty solid for a little pond skimmer - lots of good times… love bein on the water and off road :+1:


That is so funny. Didn’t remember that until you said it, but.he said that same thing also. “Bust out another thousand”
hahaha…very nice


Time to get it dirty.


nice, I like the white color. I have a 2011 2 door


My “new” jalopy :sunglasses: :+1: