Of Mortars, Cannons, and Men

Pyrodex is not as effective…as in not as loud. It worked best if I packed it extra tight. I have no way to know the difference in speed and distance of a projectile…just how many times it echoes back and forth in the mountains and valleys here…and it’s impressive.
Good to have both…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

FWIW, I’m still trying to find some affordable Blackhorn 209 powder. It is said to significantly outperform both black powder and Pyrodex but good luck finding any…


Estes Energetics bought GOEX…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom::boom: The tradition continues…:grin:

ESTES has informed GOEX Distributors that there will be no change in product distribution under new ownership. Timelines expect GOEX powder distribution to begin in 2023 .