October 2022 division EO targets

Made the executive decision to take an early day and hit the range! Grabbed the case with the 308 & 22 for both ends of the spectrum.


I guess I could pretend that I did that on purpose. One shot on the nose just to prove I can do it, and then poke that eye hard.

Nope, I was going for the nose the whole time. Pretty hard to see it without optics in grey scale, but that’s not an excuse.

I counted 11 o’clock nose/5 o’clock eye shot as 10, please correct if you disagree. I was considering to claim 22 points for it (hitting 10, 8, and 4 at the same time), but someone could take it seriously, so I dropped the idea.


Not EO target. I was working on a customer’s AK adding an old British Trilux 4x to his rifle. 7 shots on target. Adjustments made after each of the 1st 3. 7th I shivered and pulled.

Even an old man with a borrowed AK can be dangerous.

Shooting position:
Sitting on a rusty folding chair in a pasture.