M*CARBO Brotherhood

October 2021 Match, Rules and Targets

October 2021 Match, Rules and Targets

Thank you to those that participated last month. Your scores have been tallied and entered into the spreadsheet.

No changes to the rules. Sharpshooter Rules & Guidelines Rev 5-2021.pdf - Google Drive

To spice up this month’s match, you’ll have four targets to select from. All divisions will select their target from one of the four offered this month. Targets printed in gray scale are allowed. No further modification will be accepted.

The iron sight bonus still applies.

Standard target: June_2021_Target.pdf - Google Drive

A lister standard target: X - Target.pdf - Google Drive

Option 1A portrait: Bat1-Portrait.pdf - Google Drive

Option 1B landscape: Bat1-Landscape.pdf - Google Drive

Good luck and good shooting.


Thanks @Festus I’ll give the bat target a shot!


Cool. Hope you have the opportunity to join us in the live fire divisions.


Me to, it’s just crazy expensive for ammo. 50 rounds of 9mm 115g 32.99 :drooling_face::astonished:. I’m going to see if I can get out to the range this month, if my local ranges are open (closed last I checked due to fire hazard).


Probably why the rimfire divisions are popular right now.