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Oct. Match Div. HG1 10yd Rimfire Results

All you 10yd rimfire handgunners, this is the spot.

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I think it is time to acknowledge my limitations. While I can pretty consistently hit a 3-4” circle at 10 yards with a handgun, the Star Target thoroughly humiliated me. Using what I know to be the quite accurate Ruger Mark IV 22/45, the red center proved elusive and hitting the star itself seemed to be as much a matter of luck as skill. I was reminded of the carnival game where you had to obliterate the entirety of the star with an automatic bb gun yet always left some remnant remaining. After blowing through roughly 12 targets and reluctant to waste any more ammo, I am conceding defeat and submitting a score of only 40 in the HG 1 rimfire category.


That’s minute-of-fat-squirrel, so surely minute-of-man…I’d say you’re doing fine. :grinning:


May be but those skinny ones just laugh at me like they do my dogs. :grinning:


The squirrels that do a Neo as the bullets zip past them in slow motion are the ones that piss me off the most. :rofl:


I bought a Taurus TX 22 yesterday, and other than polishing the heck out of the slide guiderails and striker, and lubing it up to the max (new gun), this is pretty much out of the box. 46 points.


Here’s mine