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Oct. Match Div. D 50yd Open Results

Open Division, 50yd, any caliber, post your target here.


Hey Folks, 1st target posting… :roll_eyes: let’s see how this plays out… lol
A couple things to mentioned about my October target postings.
No witness this time. And I learned something that others might want to keep in mind when shooting and that is the backing behind the target. I used two types of target backing. The 3/4" melamine board at 50yd had a clean punch through the target from both the 9mm FMJ and 22LR. But, interestingly enough the 25yd backing was 3/16" hardboard. I didn’t notice the difference until I returned home and decided to take care of the paperwork. For some reason the holes from the 9mm FMJ and 22LR were not clean at all. I was somewhat disappointed because it made the scoring dubious especially where a shot is close to cutting a ring (note the arrows and my thoughts). I’m posting these anyway that they might apply, score at will, I’m OK in advance of the outcome. I will not use hardboard behind a target again because the target doesn’t get punched clean out. So that is my rant, did my best as usual, factory sights. I really like the deer target and if I hit in the 10 point, yup I was just shooting at the target and looking to best centre, but knew I had the windage right so I’m not surprised at the outcome. My eyes are not as good as they used to be so even at 50 yards the target disappears behind the front sight and it’s a crap shoot from there (no pun intended). I managed to find a shelving stand at the curb on my way to the range so I scooped it, modified it at the range and it worked as a decent bench in front of the inverted pail as a seat, not “sandbagged” that’s my story.


That should be an 8 with the change in scoring rings. :+1:


I enjoyed cleaning this 1946 Mossberg and bring her back to life. I don’t think it was ever cleaned other than a patch run down the bore.
Good shooting rifle


Holly crap CaptainJack88
That is excellent shooting.

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