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@Dred NRA website says I can take the online basic class and get certified for $60. Does that count or do I need to physically attend?


I don’t know. I only maintain the RSO cert; I’ve not done the instruction bits. My understanding comes from discussions with a friend when he was completing his instructor certs.


@Dred I’ll dive in and report back :+1:t2:


@Kona you’re so far beyond the NRA it’s laughable. They’re a straight up business, they don’t represent you or me, for that matter, they just want yer $$. So basic it is. Plus the fee. Then the next level and applicable fees.

They might even be in on the heist. In my county I MUST attend a certified NRA concealed carry class. Can’t go see my cop buddy who’s carried a gun for 22 years, and really knows the drill. Or in some states, you have to take the NRA (not some other) basic safety class just to obtain a purchase permit. Who’s in bed with who??

No Brother, you excel and exceed those specifications quite mightily. It’s just a question if you want to play their ‘Certified NRA’ game or not. With the right networking (hmmm, like MCARBO Forum to start🤔) and all your LE and competition contacts, you could be in high demand, have a YouTube channel; and people seeking you out from all over the world.

I’d train with you in a minute!:+1:


@Boomchucker thanks Boom! That means a lot to me! :pray: I am just trying to play the certification game. My goal is to have my own private range and shooting instruction program when I retire. Nothing super serious but enough to keep me busy and funded. The average person sees the credentials and that’s all. The media seriously portrays the NRA as the only gun owners in the world and people believe that stuff.


@Kona So the way I see it is you can either waist your time typing in this forum complaining about this or waist your time and money taking the course and getting to where you want to be. Sometimes you just have to do the stupid little things to get to where you want to be. In my state I had to get a Handgun Qualification License (HQL) to buy a pistol. I am an Army veteran and already own other pistols but this is just a way to get more money from us law abiding citizens. Hope you get to where you want to be, you would be a great instructor.


@dave67 thanks man you’re 100% right lol just frustrating that’s all.


Back to the OP. I am n RO and took the class. It just means sitting in class for a few hours and is pretty straight forward. There will be basic and general safety stuff and stuff that is specific to your range. Once finished you will print a card off from the net after paying a fee. It is all pretty simple.

With your RO card you will get an NRA instructor number. This number allows you to get a significant discount at some places. Don’t buy any Crimson Trace products until you have your number as the savings will make it worth the wait. I do enjoy my lasers.


I have, it’s not hard and most of it is the common sense things we all know and do. Some of it is stuff you likely haven’t done, like how to gently take control of a gun that malfunctioning. A bit of “customer service” type skills in keeping calm while approaching someone. Etc… not hard but it’s a long day, bring snacks and lunch. Also, don’t use the word weapon, civilians own firearms :+1:. If you use the W word you have to pay a dollar to the youth shooting fund.


I cant stand that kind of semantics game BS. A firearm is a weapon reguardless whether its held by a soldier, a cop, or a civilian and thats why I own and carry them. Thats the kind of thinking that gets you “sporting purpose” restrictions and bans on guns that aren’t designed to just be suitable for the non scary gun games like skeet or national match or bullseye.


Yup, class went well. Like you said, pretty much common sense. I have had experience in everything they covered. There was a retired CW4 and he kept using the word weapon. That did liven things up some. What was surprising to our instructor was that everyone passed the course. He said that was a first for him.


Remember the boot camp rhyme:
This is my weapon,
This is my gun.
One is for fighting,
The other one is for fun. :grin:


@VAbowhunter In the military that was true, now they both are for fun :rofl:


I did the Range Safety course it’s okay. Been NRA member over 50 years also Life GOA. If it was not for them we would not be having this discussion now. The NRA is a business and so is the GOA. The basic pistol course was okay too, took the three day one, learned some new things.


Basic Pistol Course isn’t that bad and it only takes a day depending on who you get as an instructor … In your situation it really shouldn’t even take that long, its like a refresher class … There is a written test at the end and you also have to know the principles of ballistics as well as how “revolvers” and semi-autos actually function, which may have not have something that was covered in your LEO courses … There are also precursors to the instructors course and the book that you will get in the basic course has some useful information about this as well … similar to LEO range qualifications, only in the NRA format …


REALLY … how much actually training have you had as an LEO with a “Revolver” ? … or how any classes of any type have you ever taught ? … The NRA sets up their instructor classes so that the person doing the instructing can teach #1 and so that people who are doing the teaching can teach all the aspects of gun ownership, safety and how various type of weapons are used and maintained, not just how to point and shoot a gun … The Basic Pistol Course is a precursor to taking the instructor course and to make sure that the basics are all covered vs wasting time in the instructors course going over this … Do you know how many LEO Firearms instructors have “accidentally” shot themselves in the past 10 years while teaching a weapons classes to a bunch of rookies ? … just because you are an LEO doesn’t automatically qualify you to teach anything or give you expert knowledge about everything that pertains to the use of a firearm and it is pretty arrogant to think that is does … This like taking EVOC and then claiming that you should be allowed to drive NASCAR without ever stepping one foot upon a NASCAR track or enter a race car, solely because you have experience at high speed pursuit …


@Firedog I said I don’t need the basic course and you took it to a whole other level. And since you want to compare NASCAR, that’s perfect. I’ve had a drivers license for 20 years. If I want to be a driving instructor I shouldn’t have to go get my learners permit all over again. I have been shooting firearms of all manner for over 20 years, I am former military, current LEO, and current department firearms instructor. None of that makes me an expert and I never claimed to be. Those credentials should however preclude me from having to learn the basics of firearms and safety. Either way this conversation is a moot point because I’m going to take the course. And no arrogance here, i am a very humble and private person.



Well said.
No matter who you are there is still always something to be learned, but within reason.
I have over 50,000 documented hours of forklift operation, with the true number being closer to twice that.
I have competed in the National Forklift Operators Competition, for a shot at the world title.
However, at any run of the mill wide spot in the road with a fence around it, I cant be hired as a forklift driver because I dont possess an operators certification, given by some personnel certificator, if I’m deemed worthy of the approval.


That’s awesome! Do you have any videos you can post! I’d love to see it man


@jeffing65 I had no idea that they even had competitions for that.