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NRA Range Safety Officer


I am a member of a private shooting range and have agreed to become a volunteer Range Safety Officer. The certification is through the NRA RSO program.
I decided to go ahead and do this because of some of the stupid/dangerous things I’ve seen people do while at shooting ranges. I have also been involved with the scouting program over the years and they require an RSO while scouts are shooting. Our range also holds several competition shoots throughout the year where RSO"s are required.
Have any of you been through this program? To me, gun safety is common sense. I grew up in a shooting family and started shooting 22:s at 4 years old. I was fortunate, gun safety was drilled into me by my father from a very young age. Seems today’s youth get their training from video games. Hopefully I’ll be able to guide them like my dad did me.


Haven’t been thru the program myself but good for you. Definitely a lot of people out there that need instruction on proper firearms handling


@Texprep kind of irritated with NRA right now. I have been a State Trooper for 12 years and I’m a department firearms instructor. NRA won’t let me go through pistol instructor school until I go through pistol basic. Wtf.


@Kona That could be the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week


@Flogrown trust me I tried to reason with the instructor and he wouldn’t budge. I must go through NRA pistol basic to go through NRA pistol instructor school.


I am a little disgruntled with the NRA also. In fact, I’ve let my membership lapse. I think GOA and 2nd Amendment Foundation are better organizations. The Texas State Rifle Association is a very good one at the state level here in Texas. The NRA, in my opinion has become too compromising over the past few years. I agreed to do this only after I found out I could do this without a current NRA membership.


@Texprep not to get political but I have been anti NRA my entire life and never a member. Not one dime from me. Almost 100% of our current gun control was either endorsed, sponsored, or outright drafted by the NRA. The ONLY reason I want to be an NRA certified instructor is because joe citizen still holds NRA in high regard and it looks good on my qualification summary.


At one point I belonged to the NRA, but have let my membership lapse and I dislike having them call me and asking for money.


@Kona, Agreed 100% The last time I signed up as a member was at the NRA convention in Houston. Also agree that the NRA has allowed our rights to be chipped away at over the years all the while they are claiming victory for our rights. What a load of BS.


IMHO all the NRA cares about is letting you lose your gun rights and then drumming up money to “fight” to get them back. NRA is a business and they can’t make money unless they’re fighting to get back rights they’ve helped give away.


Sad thing is its almost impossible to get back rights once lost. It then just becomes a money making machine for them as they play off of people’s fears.


When you have big time industry reps like silencershop fighting the hearing protection act because they want to keep silencers NFA to save their profit margin that’s a problem. All the silencer makers are outright against taking silencers off NFA because the market would be flooded and they would lose money.


@Texprep i agree 100% i dont trust the nra not to sell us out if its convenient.


Yes, I am a RSO.

Strong NRA supporter - if is my only representation at the table that makes decisions; Endowment Level. Working on my TSRA Life Membership currently.

Kona - sounds like we just want you to experience the class you want to learn to teach. The Instructor class will focus on why things are presented and when and how. How will you participate/contribute if you haven’t experienced the class?


@Dred come on. I don’t need to learn the basic fundamentals of gun safety, and how revolvers and semi-autos function. It’s redundant and they should waive it in lieu of proving competency with firearms. It’s also a cash grab because god forbid they miss out on charging me for the basic course.


Exactly, that bs is the reason I never bothered getting a NRA instructor cert myself. I refuse to waste my time and $ being forced to take some rediculous class designed for non shooters.


“I have been a State Trooper for 12 years and I’m a department firearms instructor.”

That’s awesome bro! One of my local Sheriff’s Dept Deputy’s has developed a citizens defensive handgun program and produced a mission statement fully supporting our 2A rights.

I have taken quite a few of these classes now as they are FREE, just BYOB (bring your own bullets) and not having any other former firearms training other than my dad (Iwo Jima combat veteran) I have learned a LOT and it has been a fantastic way to connect with and get to know our local LEO’s. They have a bunch of Glock 19’s provided by the NRA for loaners so you don’t even need your own and they would allow you to skip the basic “this is a bullet” class with proof of prior experience. I took it twice just to get all the good instruction I could. Their range is awesome too! :+1:


@TriggerHappy I wish it wasn’t so far away. I’m dedicating as much time as I can next year to attending training. Hopefully I’ll get out your way!



You are missing the words coming out of my mouth. I expect I should type since this is the internet.

The basic class is a cookie cutter class which is taught the same way every single time by every single NRA instructor (at least that’s the plan). So, although you probably won’t learn much about firearms and shooting, you will arrive at the instructors course with an opinion about the impact that the prescribed teaching model has on results from the course. You may not need to learn about firearm fundamentals, but you should learn about how the NRA teaches them to prepare you to learn to teach them the NRA way.

Ok, let’s say the NRA course teaches fundamental fail to fire recovery. And, let us surmise they teach folks to “wait” X seconds for a hang fire before tappa racka. They have the class in the fire position holding 'cause their dry fire didn’t go bang. 5 seconds in - the instructor sounds a super loud air horn without warning to demonstrate that a hang fire can surprise you. Maybe you have the opinion that the air horn can cause cardiac arrest in the classroom and you don’t like that risk. Maybe you have the opinion that dry firing in the classroom is foolish 'cause it’s impossible to point the gun in a safe direction while 30 people are pointing guns in the same room. Maybe you picked up something worth discussing in the instructors class.

There is simply a difference between teaching “THE” NRA fundamentals class and teaching folks how to safely handle firearms and shoot accurately. The NRA takes the path of most limited liability - you won’t leave with the ability to mold shooters. You will leave with the ability to execute the fundamentals class process of firearm introduction.


@dred I see both sides of the coin. I’m still not happy about it. They can just as easily teach me in the instructor course how they want things done. I’m going to end up going through all of it. Pistol, rifle, RSO.