NRA Fund Raiser - Columbus, Ohio


I went to NRA fund raiser last night in Columbus.
A lot of fun, a lot of shooters, drawings, door prizes,
met new people.

Some interesting prizes.


Never been to one of their fundraisers. I am certainly looking forward to going to my first Nra convention in April. Its in Indianapolis this year which is only a 2 hour drive. Already signed up for my badges to go. Cant wait!


I attended the one in Houston back in 2013. That year the speech was given by Glenn Beck. One of the better speeches I’ve ever attended. If you’ve never attended one of their conventions you’ll be amazed at all the gear you’ll see. Plan on doing a full day. We were there from the time the doors opened until they closed. Here’s a YouTube link to Glen Becks speech. I just ask that this doesn’t turn into political rants.