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November contest rules & target - The Hustler


O.K. for you purists we acknowledge it is Nine-Ball rather than straight pool but it should be fun.

We’ll be allowing the familiar bonus points for non-magnified rifle sights of 2 points at 50yds and 5 points at 100yds, and our newest Divisions will also enjoy a 2 point bonus for non-magnified sights. Bonuses do not apply to the handgun divisions.
(Non-Magnified sights are: iron, peep, buckhorn or red dot with no magnification available)

Our standard rules apply and a printable PDF now can be found here:

(Hint: Click the download arrow at the upper right to download and save the PDF to your device)

Shoot five rounds for score in all Divisions. No patched targets, nor will targets with more than five (5) holes be allowed for score.

Because Pool involves both skill and luck, we have a few scoring twists in addition to the standard iron sight bonus. Hits on a ball score 8 points while center hits will score 10 points. Only one hit per ball can be scored and you must record the lowest score for any multiple hits. Hits that break two balls will be deemed a “scratch” and that hit will receive a score of zero.

A center hit on the Nine-Ball will score a 9 point bonus in addition to the 10 points awarded for the hit itself (total of 19). The other balls have each been assigned a random bonus from 1 to 8 points that will not be known (even by the Judges) until all targets have been submitted. Those bonus points will be added by the Judges to the score on your final submission.

Here is the target for the month:

Good luck and good shooting! A Sample target demonstrating how scoring works is shown below.


Great job, can’t wait till tomorrow, the official entry time/date for this target 12:01 AM, daylight savings time effective today.


Quick question. Are we scoring center 10 point hits touching the white center, or the black circle bordering the white?.? Yes this just happenned to me twice.! This one is at best slightly over center of the line, the other is 95% through the black.


I apologize for the time it took to respond but I wanted to insure a consensus among the Judges.

As with other targets, the line is part of the inner circle so a hit that breaks the line scores the higher point value. Note that the line must be at least partially broken by the shot. Simply touching the line is not enough.


Thanks for clarifying, i didnt have the cleanest holes but the bullet diameter outline is pretty obvious. Since i had the targets rolled inside an ammo can, they didnt lay flat on the cardboard.


Hey there folks, a question, is this the last day to enter the contest.

It is raining all day, so far yesterday was a bust, set up and forgot targets, no time to fetch them before dark.

If the rain stops I can try and get out.


You have through the last Sunday of the month.


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TYVM sir, I had to check.