November 2022 division EO targets

Got myself ‘defensive’ ammo for S2K, decided to test if it cycles fine and all. So I spent 10 rounds, for 25 and 50 yards divisions.
Sitting cross-legged, no support, irons. Shots a little to the right, which is weird. Well, good enough to hit a predator if I need to.


I like the little asterisks the bullets made.


Also on the Thanksgiving Range Day docket was to sight in the new optic on my AK after my attempt last Thursday was a total fail. I shot the 100 yard div also, but my lack of understanding of the new optic allotted for 5 misses. Now that I read the instructions, hopefully I can get back this week and take at shot at 100 & 200.
Also, had to use at least one turkey target since it was Thanksgiving morning. lol