November 2021 Match Rules & Targets

November 2021 Match Rules & Targets

November 2021 announcement. and rules.

Five rounds per target. Iron sights in our rifle divisions earn bonus points 2 points at 25yd, 4 at 50yd and 8 at 100yd. Irons are: fixed, mechanically adjustable, non magnifying two piece sighting systems such as peep, buck horn and ghost ring. A red dot will also be allowed without magnification.

Rules: Sharpshooter Rules & Guidelines Rev 5-2021.pdf - Google Drive

Target 1: June_2021_Target.pdf - Google Drive

Target 2: X - Target.pdf - Google Drive

Target 3: TurkeyGS.pdf (
Target 3, you must hit the turkey for score. A word of caution, if you chose to shoot the “sighting in 1.5” circle" and miss, it will be scored a miss, you must stay within the 1.5" circle.

Good luck and good shooting.