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Not Legal Pistol Thing

Laws are kinda funny and often make no sense to me.

For instance, you can buy this nice Sig Rattler in 300BLK with a 30 round mag. It is perfectly legal as it is sold a pistol.

If you take your own tiny .22cal snub nose revolver and duck tape on a stock, you could go to Federal Prison as they say you have turned it to a rifle. WTF?!?

One can buy this high quality addition for your pistol from Israel:

It in no way enhances the pistol except maybe better aim. It does look great and for politicians, that is key.
It is legal to buy that (not posting if I have one).
If you put your Glock or H&K into it, you are headed to jail.
It can really jazz up you replica soft air gun and that is legal.

Help me figure this out - I am a dumb old geezer!


I been trying to understand it for years, as far as I can tell, trying to figure out a rulings and definitions from the BTAF, is likE trying to figure out a woman, it just cant be done.
a wedge on a pistol is legal, but if you put a vert grip on it AAAAAAAAA its a SBR, same with a stock and a Brace, if it starts out as a pistol, it can go to a rifle and back to a pistol, but if it starts out as a rifle ya cant. dont even get me started on AOW and destructive devices…there is no rhyme nor reason to anytime any accessory changes what a firearm is …following the rule of common sense. but, you look at it from their point of view its all about what they can charge for a tax stamp. been $250 plus about a year wait for the few i have… what I do is follow the advice of a few guys on here, and my local LGS (mom and pop) they hadnt steered me wrong yet.


It’s my understanding there are some states that also further “define” SBR/handgun/ AOW by overall length. I could be wrong, but I think OH says anything under 12.5" is a handgun, BAFT I believe says 26". For me it’s all moot, there’s a very short list of handguns allowed in Kaliforniastan which seems to shrink each year.


If you duct tape a shoulder stock onto any handgun, including the ones you pictured it is a short rifle. Feel free to put a pistol brace onto as many revolvers as you see fit.

A handgun with more than one vertical grip for a two handed hold is an AOW, not a SBR. Handgun definition included one vertical handhold.


@UZIFORME Does it matter on a pistol , that was made a pistol, that it has a separate magazine well NOT located in one pistol grip, if you add a second fwd grip?(and we are not talking about a AR.) is it still considered AOW


The Israel made mount is illegal. That makes zero sense.
For any interested, it is legal to buy, just can’t put your gun into it which takes about 60secs.
Is is a quality product.


I buy a few items from Fab-Defense , which is
they do offer the KPOS scout conversion for glock,that is a non-NFA version that comes with a brace/stock(more of that confusion wording)called a slingshot , says no wait and no extra paperwork, no registration
what company is that sold out of? ive always had quality out of Israel. just out of curiosity you understand…


— just out of curiosity you understand…:innocent:



@YardCrap thankya! sooner or later someone will do one of these for a full size H&K USP45.
just in theory, you understand…:crazy_face:


Any handgun with t vertical grips is an aow even a singleshot witt no magazine well


Sooner or later someone will do one of these for a full size H&K

They have, not saying I have a full size H&K USP or this fun mod.


Here in Canada. A Handgun is Restricted adding the MCK kit with the ultra upgrade doesnt change anything. Sometimes, rarely our laws make more sense than your guys.


I live in Ohio and I love that I live here. Glad I don’t live in states like Michigan that make it very nerve recking to buy a weapon. Basically here in Ohio they run your name to see if your on the list and you pay and walk out the door with your weapon. It’s way more intense in Michigan. Buddy of mine said they put you on waiting list and all that. You can open carry here in Ohio now. All I know is I want things to stay the same. For me I have a ccw so the open carry thing doesn’t really affect me but there are a lot of people who don’t want to pay the money for a ccw. Around $130 all together here. When I got mine back in 2010 I paid $250 just for the class so people nowadays have it easy to get there ccw.