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I do not see an advantage of the sidewinder over the previous version, owning that also. By the time your big hands can manipulate the cylinder open, and eject (which requires assistance due to the short stroke of the ejector) it’s too late. NAA makes fine little precision revolvers and are very discreet to carry. Anyone who
"poo poo’s’ one should get on the receiving end and opine. Show some pics when received. The Pug is a fine looking revolver!

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Yeah I eyed the Sidewinder and Ranger as at least possible to combat load (mainly if I wanted to qualify with it for work, as reloads are required) but still doesn’t seem practical. I see how people get into them and collect a bunch, but I’m not so sure. Even the Pug is pricey, and the bigger and nicer ones reach territories where I’d rather just get a larger gun. If they get much bigger than the Pug then you reach territory where I’d rather just have a subcompact or snub 38 or something.

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I agree. Unfortunately my business attire is limited, so this is what I utilize. I’m lucky to get away with this alonbg with my Spyderco Native 3.