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Non-folding optic mount?

New member here, just placed an order for a M-series Sub2000 from MCARBO. Looking forward to getting mine.

I currently have a Just Right Carbine, which is a fine weapon, but want the Kel Tec as a lighter, handier option.

I intend to mount a red dot on the Sub2000, and the factory irons will be relegated to back up use. Mounting one on the plastic picatinny rail seems kind of iffy. The MCARBO hinged optic mount looks like a fantastic solid set-up, but the hinge adds quite a bit of thickness.

I would like to see the MCARBO mount without the hinge. I realize that would eliminate the ability to fold the gun (unless a qd mount was used), but that is a feature that I don’t believe that I will often use.

Anyone else interested in such a mount?

How about it MCARBO?

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Welcome to the Forum @JN01
I do not respond to that many technical questions, however I do have something to share with you regarding the SUB2K.
I really like mine, so far 100% >400 rounds racked and ejected, no problem, no matter what ammunition I am using. No visible wear, and everything in working order, only breakdown cleaned one time (periodic oiling) between of course. All I’ve read is the picatinny rail works just fine, no negative reviews and yes lots of folks are using optics, some quite creatively as well. M*CARBO came out with the swing mount and I did read that it added thickness, a sacrifice to accommodate folding. Most likely you’ve researched the broad selection of optics and mounts on the market. You might want to consider the mounting distance requirements and purchase an optic that mounts up front.
Anyway I am not the expert by far, so much good information here, you came to the right place. Best of luck with the mount selection.
You might find this video of interest for future reference. Cheers



The mount is just a section of picatinny rail on a hinge so without the hinge it’s just a section of picatinny rail so why not just use a QD mount or QD mount with riser on the S2K picatinny rail? I tried that and it held zero just fine from taking it on and off.

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Mounting on the rail would be the simplest. I have read comments questioning how durable and stable the plastic rail would be long term. I would probably be using a Trijicon RMR which is very light weight and shouldn’t produce as much stress as heavier optics.

I have also read that the top of the rail has to be filed flat in order for a mount to fit properly. Does this create a gap (and looseness) between the top of the rail and the bottom of the mount?

Interesting video, I like the camming barrel that allows you to fold the gun with a top mounted optic.


That might depend on the mount used. The mount I used held tight without any filing which I did not want to do anyway. But yes, the plastic picatinny rail does crown up a tad in the center of the rail.