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No political conversations

Hi, my name is Dennis and have bought parts from the company and follow the forum time to time.

I was reading “Is SHTF” when Wedge, a moderator closed the discussion.

These are different times, unlike any before in our history. I can relate to the “No Political Posts,” when the forum started. However, in my opinion, at a time when our country is under attack by Communist forces and we are a somewhat like minded group there is a fine line between defending our country, its freedoms, and politics.

Given the circumstances the moderators might want to lighten up. This is a small group, relatively speaking, and I don’t necessarily agree that there are better places for some discussions. There are many topics on survival, weapons, and actions that people need to toss around. I am buy no means suggesting we or any member get violent. I do believe we all need to be prepared when the violence comes our way.

This is my first real post and who knows maybe my last but now you have my two cents worth of thoughts.


Welcome @Realitywillbite !

Dennis… I don’t think anyone would disagree with your post. It’s just that sometimes people, myself included, go a little too far at times when we are emotionally charged.
Also, this is not a private forum, anyone can read comments. And it is a forum that is run by a company that probably doesn’t want to be considered alt-right I imagine.
I hope you continue to post your “two cents” going forward. :+1::us:


I enjoy this forum because they keep the pissing contest to a minimum unlike most forums ive been on where its all hell breaking loose all the time. If you search around this forum you will see we have plenty of political discussions where facts are posted keeping up to date on the goin ons. Good news section bad news section. Whats goin on with this organization or that one. Its not as much about keeping up to date on whats goin on in this hurting country of ours. Its about everybody’s separate opinions that leads to ugly post and arguments. We share political facts and news stories all the time on here. Its just asked of us to not get into the pissing contest that comes with political discussions. As for the moderators here. I wouldnt want to have there job of keeping everybody leveled. There great guys like most everybody on here.


Hear Hear! Well said @HandyDave


@Realitywillbite “No politics” was a founding tenant by the owner of MCARBO for this forum. This is a MCARBO forum owned and operated by MCARBO. It’s not just the owner that doesn’t want politics here, it’s many of us members as well. We come here for a reprieve from the blight of the outside world. There are literally 1,000’s of other places online for you to go discuss politics and gripe and vent and whatnot. We as moderators aren’t perfect and don’t catch every little political gasp on here, but we police it as best we can. I have zero interest in letting people turn this place into a never ending news cycle of who did what now. Sorry.


That’s precisely why we do it. :+1:


You rang? I’ll tell you exactly what I told the starter of that thread. Take it elsewhere. There are FAR better places that would be FAR more effective than this tiny forum here to discuss these things. Turning this forum, against the creator’s/owner’s wishes BTW, into a political mud slinging clown show would accomplish nothing. Yet again…CLOSED…