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Night Vision Scopes


Have become seriously interested in Night vision, probably for use on my AR. Was first attracted to the ATN X-sight II HD, but after so many negative reviews and one web site dropped the brand for poor quality and workmanship. Have since began to home in on the Sightmark Photon RT 4.5x42s $549 at Opticsplanet. Anyone interested in NV or has some suggestions let me hear from you.


I still like starlight. AN/PVS-2. still have the Meta reader as well…


I remember using the original Starlight back in the 60’s . They were better than nothing, but not by a lot.


I like it. mainly cause its passive, as long as you dont fire up a ir light. cant be tracked back to source till you fire. of course i did put in a new intensifier tube and change out the battery source.


Ain’t that the truth!! Stayed away from NV for years because of Starlight’s size and weight.


That is one of my main concerns about IR sourced scopes. Really would like to remain a shadow within a shadow when on the hunt.


trying to find the right image, google foo is weak this mornin. this is close, but i will try to git pics tonight between starlight and IR enhanced NV binoculars.


Still researching and getting more confused at the same time. ATN X-Sight II HD is both lauded and demonized. Not sure if I can rely on buyers reviews anymore. Youtube videos generally think the ATN is great, but reviews by users complain about unit reboots, stop working altogether, and lousy customer support from ATN. Would just like it if things would work as advertised especially if I’m gonna plunk down $600 - $700 dollars.


if your going to get good to excellent NV, thermal or Flier, your going to plank down between Lowest $4,900 for a monocular, and between $10,000 to $20,000 and up for a rifle scope…


I go a different route…high lumen tactical lights (will blind those with NVD) and IR illuminators.

Those are substantially cheaper and work well for night hunting (where allowed by law) and things that go bump in the night.

For pistols and shotguns I use lower lumen tac lights to avoid “wash out” inside the confines of the house.


That might be a possibility for SD. Light remote from hide, click on, intruder fixates on light, then blind side the tango.


I have recently purchased the Photon 42s. I like it, and works very well under 250 yards. I bought mine through night vision universe for 475. On an offer


@jdculb: Yeah, I just bit the bullet today and ordered the Photon 42s. Optics Planet had it on sale and free shipping with a 11% off cupon. Wound up out door with taxes of $528, looks as if I overpaid comared to you. At night at 250 yds that sounds good. Will report back with my experiences.