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Nice S2k Article In Gun Mag Warehouse

Gun Mag Warehouse has a good article/review on the SUB2K and some good comments about Mcarbo products!!

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@Partsed Is there a link to the article?


@Rekonn Thank you for posting the link. Here’s another good one about the S2K.


Good info in that article too, but was surprised the author went into detail talking about the blowback action, but didn’t mention any recoil difference between the two guns. Also missing was a comparison of the folded / taken down length, and portability is a big deal for both of these.


@Rekonn You’re absolutely right! I didn’t even think about it.

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Happy New Years and thanks for sharing. Both are good articles. I bought my S2K as a truck gun and home defense. I had originally planned to get TNW’s Aero Survival Rifle as it is made in Oregon but got the S2K because it is less expensive and more reliable and also American made.

I agree the S2K is the ultimate truck gun, but only with the MCARBO upgrades. I really couldn’t use the factory sights and the ergonomics and recoil were downright painful. The recoil is far more than any 9mm PCC I have shot. After the upgrades, the gun really shines. The factory trigger I could have lived with but since I was replacing the feed ramp I replaced everything. With the upgrades, I paid what the TNW rifle costs but the upgraded S2K is more accurate, more reliable, more packable and easier to shoot.