Newbie effed up

I’m new to the wonderful world of firearms and the Sub 2000 is my first weapon. In the process of adding an MCarbo sleeve to the receiver i released the stockpin with the bolt locked in the back position. After locating the spring on top of the ceiling fan and not being blinded by it as it ejected ( thanks protective glasses) i have found that i cannot get everything back together. Should i force the spring back inside using all the force required and that will get everything back aligned or have I done something unpardonable ? Any and all help appreciated.


Welcome along. I am sure numerous people here can help you with your problem. By recognizing you need help, you have won the first battle. Sadly, I know zippy zap about the inside of a 2000. I am watching for a fix so I may better educate myself. Voyeur?? Maybe.


You must drop the hammer to reassemble. In fact, you will need to reach in and push the hammer down so the bolt can move forward past the hammer for reassembly.


Hey Dred,

all good except the manual literally says “do not release the hammer with the bolt assembly removed. this will make the SUB2000 rifle inoperable.” so you see my dilemma.


LOL that works for sure.


People are talking about a spring on the S&w m2.0 please tell witch spring are you talking about I may need to upgrade mine.Thank you


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It would help to see which spring and charging handle you have, as there are a few different configurations that require various strategies.


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@Redman59 & @paulray

Dred’s advice is correct. Worked for me.

It may seem odd but slide your finger in and push down the hammer. M*CARBO sell a dowel that does the same thing, you can improvise.
Drop the bolt/spring assembly, vertical drop on it’s own weight should do it.
if it hangs up again with more momentum.

If the assembly is together correctly, It will set itself. I had the same when cleaning for the 1st time.

It sounds intimidating, but try it and let s know how it works out.

Don’t go crazy slamming it in, if this is the case check the assembly to be sure it’s correct and the hammer is down.

Good luck!


Members Of The Brotherhood,

It worked ! I went in and depressed the hammer with a flathead screwdriver and everything slipped into place sweet as can be. Although the mess up sucked it really afforded me a better insight into the weapon and how simple it actually is. And how great you guys are.

You all are are the best. Thanks and a Big Up to everyone !



Hey Paul, so glad it worked out and TYVM for letting us know.

If you have some time, check out the friendly monthly shoot, details in blue banner at top of post. You can test out the SUB2K by venting some targets with the Forum folks.