Newb w/new Sub2000

Hi everyone. I’m a new guy. I’ve been looking at the Sub2000 for several years now, but right when I was ready to buy they disappeared from online stores, seemingly overnight. I finally gave up waiting on them to come back down to the pre-meltdown supply and pricing and decided to “pull the trigger” a few weeks ago. I was actually leaning toward either a TNW or Just Right Carbines takedown rifle because I think those are a little better made out of the chute. Digging in and thinking about aftermarket support and upgrade availability, plus the folding feature and the nice, new options for mounts that don’t interfere with it, and I’m sure I made the right choice. I’ll be into this thing well over $1000 when it’s all done including any optics, but I’m feeling good about it.

I bought a Gen 2 multi mag model in 40 S&W. The multi-mag model was actually an accident. I had a bunch of listings on a watchlist and didn’t notice I was in that one when I hit the buy button. By the time I realized it the gun had shipped. In hindsight it was a great mistake. I’ve wanted an M&P 40c for several years and now I have motivation to buy one. 15 round mags are cheap (I found five for $15 each the same night I ordered the gun) and those guns are abundant so it should always be easy enough to find more. I don’t own any Glocks, never will, and was only going that route because of the ready availability of the magazines.

This is going too long already so I’ll cut it off. I already ordered the full trigger job bundle, rubber lifesaver, extended charging handle, and bolt tube cover from here. Then while I was on a roll I ordered a folding rear sight and front sight pivot block from Performance Services LLC. I like good iron sights and will probably use them half of the time even after I mount a red dot. I want to use a fiber/tritium combo front sight and this seemed like a good way to get there. I wish there was a tritium option for the rear too.

The next addition once I’m done with all of the above will be an RLP rotating fore end, then an optic. I’ll post pics when I get something done, which could be as soon as next weekend!

So, hello again and please feel free to weigh in on what I said in any way you feel like!


Welcome Patrick. Great first post :+1:

Bought my S2K in May of 2020. $429.

Then… add these…

[If you don’t understand why I posted that image, don’t worry… you will soon. Lol]

So, after EVERY MCARBO upgrade know to man and high end optics… right around $1,600.

Once again welcome. You’ll like it here.


Wow what a sweet looking machine you have there. That’s definitely the first bipod I’ve seen on a Sub2k and I love it.

You know what’s funny? I’m a pretty meticulous online shopper so I’m already well aware of where the targets came from lol. I put in a lot of YouTube time and even shopped this website and others with aftermarket parts for weeks before I even ordered the gun. For all the good it does me. I still accidentally ordered the “wrong” gun.

edited to add that I’m definitely going to have to get the muzzle break right away. Not sure why I didn’t order it with the rest.


@cochrpc Mine is the Glock 17 model… because I have a Glock 17 and 14 17rd magazines.

In case you were curious about the bipod…

I am sure others will post tomorrow. Most of the regulars here are “near dead” and go to sleep by 8pm.


Me too. I thought I originally ordered Black… but it was Blued/Tungsten. Didn’t send it back… actually love the color.


@cochrpc Welcome to the brotherhood Patrick.


There are no holes in them.


I’m pretty sure MCARBO dc’d the 40 cal brake.


Yes, welcome to the Forum.
The SUB2K is fun to shoot. Enjoy!


Consider a Kaw Valley linear compensator. Or similar. Makes more sense on a pistol caliber carbine than a brake.


I had my first accomplishment with the gun this morning. I couldnt get the buttstock pin out last night. I was just being dumb and fighting it like a typical newb, but it got a little frustrating and i bagged it. This morning i put a slight amount of pressure on the end, pushed gently on the pin with the eraser end of a pencil, and it slid out like butter.

Adjusting the stock out to the last hole made shouldering it a lot more comfortable. Now im thinking i will add a recoil pad too and extend that a touch more.

My parts and the weekend cant get here soon enough. I cant wait to rebuild this thing. Its going ti be painful to cut into the supply of range ammo i built up when .40 range ammo was .25 per round, knowing ill have to replace it at over .40 per. This is going to call for flinging several boxes in short order though.


@cochrpc Missouri Tactical makes a very good recoil pad.


@cochrpc Welcome to the brotherhood! I know you’ll love the s2k.


@cochrpc I second the recoil pad from Missouri Tactical.


Yep that looks like the way to go. I’m going to hit the buy button.

I would’ve gotten the MCarbo one but I really don’t relish poking new holes to mount it. I’d screw that up and get it on crooked or something.


… it sucks. The MT is the way to go. :+1:


Then try this on for a change? FAB Defence grip/bipod

GO up to the search window and TYPE IN sub2000 suggested reading.


The full trigger bundle, recoil buffer, pad, charging handle, etc arrived today. It’s impressive how fast companies like this can get stuff out the door, especially given how long it takes some of them. I can’t remember for sure but I think I put in the order on Monday, after business hours and on a holiday to boot. Thanks guys!

So…anyone want to come over, gut this thing, and put it back together with my “assistance” (by assistance I mean I’ll buy a six pack)? I kid. I’ll get to it, though it seems a lot more daunting now that I actually have everything and could get started.

I’m now debating whether or not to follow some of the previous threads about additional mods and polishing work folks have done to improve the trigger beyond what the parts swap alone can do. I’m not sure I need a trigger pull under 5 lbs, but I would like it to be a short and clean pull. Rifles shouldn’t shoot like double action pistols.


6 pack of this ? This is 2010 vintage.

You pay for transportation !!! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


Did you order up any 30or 40 round mags ? Its a must have with the sub, makes for a fun fun shooting experience!