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New To The SUB: What Height For Red Dot Mount?

Hello … my first post, so have at me for whatever initiation ritual

Have the Gen 2 Glock 17 Grip FDE on the way from Classic Firearms

Plan to put a few hundred rounds stock thru it and then consider some MCarbo enhancements

Question … What riser / height are folks using that allow comfort / straighter head angle and still can see the irons through?

Thanks all.

EDIT - I plan on putting a Bushnell TRS 25 on mine.


@PattonWasRight No initiation ritual, and that is actually a pretty good question!

I like a high to medium mount. I use the holosun with riser on my game gun because I have to scrunch my face in tight on the receiver tube otherwise!

I also like the aimpoint PRO but it is a bit to top heavy for competition. IMO


Thansk Johnskg … I plan on some two gun with mine. Sounds like you’re using a high riser correct? Still see the irons through it?


@PattonWasRight No…I pulled both front and rear sight off of mine for SDMG competition.

Just run the holosun.

And a big thank you to @Wedge for that bit of advice in gear selection!


Love my Holosun Elite. Pricey, but worth it! :+1:


@Wedge and @PattonWasRight I run a fairly “slick” configuration on mine. Want to keep it fast and nimble for competition.


Nice. Thanks for the replies. Does help to see pics … I’ll head over to that forum with a beer and see what set ups there are. I have a variety of mounts and everyone is built differently / will have to crane their head over different amounts, so I’ll do some mock ups and get an idea of what I’ll settle on.


I just added a sparc on mine and utilized the larger mount, I’m not sure what the actual height is but I was able to still see the factory sights when not wearing ear protection. For me thou, I can’t shoot the gun using the factory sights comfortably.



With white string being line of sight and centering Bushnell TRS25 on that line it is about 1/2" from top of S2K picatinny rail to bottom of optic. Hope this helps.


That’s extremely helpful! Great method to figure out the exact height riser needed, thank you!!


@PattonWasRight I had that optic on my S2K. It co-witnessed perfectly with a half inch riser. A slightly higher riser would give you a lower third co-witness. If you want to be able to fold the rear sight out of the way, see this post: Tips & Tricks For S2k


Thanks JoeFriday (like that name, from Dragnet, right?) I’ve def burned some time in tips & tricks thread, will burn some more. When you say “that optic” you’re talking about the TRS 25, correct?


@PattonWasRight Yes, I am referring to the Bushnell TRS-25 which is a great little sight for the money. And the name is that of my website (just add .com) which is itself focused on the Dragnet catchphrase of “just the facts” and not speaking or acting without taking the time to learn them. There is a lot of good stuff in the Tips and Tricks thread but a lot more in other threads, as well. You will learn a lot just by browsing, but use the search function when you need a specific solution. Good Luck


I have arthritis and a couple of replacement discs in my neck so the standard sights are about 3/4 of an inch too low for me to use at all. Took them off and have a red dot on a 1 inch riser on a 1/2 inch QD mount. Works perfectly for me without any neck pain at all and doesn’t really look too bad IMHO. The biggest problem I had was my upper handguard rail tapers in width so my QD will lock up tight all the way back but if I move it forward it wobbles,


@xberet Two things that might help and allow you to move the QD mount forward and still have it lock tightly are to: 1) sand the top of the rails flat; and 2) use a QD mount a couple of rails/slots longer than you really need for the riser and optic you are using. Step 2 will spread the locking tension over a greater area and thus reduce the chance of wobbling. If you try this, I would also purchase a different brand of QD mount since the width and tolerances vary between manufacturers.

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@PattonWasRight Hey Bob. I’m running the Midwest Industries swivel mount on my S2K. I’ve been having an issue with it moving a bit fore and aft, but if you look at my thread on the mount, I have been working on a fix. Plan to hit the range today or tomorrow and get my UTG Red Dot zeroed in. It sits very high to allow the weapon to still fold, so you do not get any co-witness with the iron sights. However, I have arthritis in my neck and a broken bone in the right side of my face, so I cannot comfortably shoot in the factory position. Without a high rise mount, my S2K would be unusable to me.


@PattonWasRight my new micro dot required a 0.83 riser mount for absolute co-witness which I am not the biggest fan of will be changing that soon. I have a Gen1 with an upgraded Hand gaurd so it will likely be different for you

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Ah, the top’s flat, the taper is the width. Actually, the sight works well for me at the rear of the rail so I’m going to go with it. I am going to get a QD mount for my front grip so when I fold the gun I can pop off the sight and grip so they’re not in the way. And I sort of hate sanding:confounded:, truth be told.