New Titanium Performance Strikers - Just Released Today!

  1. P365 Owners! Say Goodbye to Light Strikes and Primer Drag!
  2. New Springfield Hellcat Hardened Titanium Striker Assembly

@ChrisNelson, Just finished ordering one for my Hellcat. Looking forward to trying it.


Awesome! We’re all excited to hear what you guys think about these!


Curious on which spring is going to be best to use the trigger spring kit or this new 3# would it matter if the 4# was used ?


It depends on the trigger pull weight you desire. Both springs have been tested with lots of different ammunition brands. You can “tailor” to the trigger pull weight you desire by switching around the springs from OEM to 4# and 3# and using the one that gives you your desired pull weight. Personally I like the 4#.


Would that #4 still have the intended effect or out come of the new ti striker. That is I guess my ultimate question. I know I can mess around with it but I’m sure there is a reason why there is a #3 and not the number 4 that comes with the flat trigger to be used with the mim factory striker


The titanium striker is 40% lighter than OEM allowing for the titanium striker to travel faster than the OEM striker. This is why the lock time is reduced. This increase in speed increases primer ignition reliability, as primers are a chemical reaction and require speed to set them off. Due to this factor, a lighter striker spring can be used with the titanium striker as opposed to OEM. The great part about titanium is that the strength isn’t sacrificed as hardened titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. Also, the primer drag is reduced with the titanium striker as it is lighter than OEM so it is sent back after striking the primer faster than the OEM, causing the primer drag reduction. Because these positive affects are due to the striker weight, any striker spring can be chosen and still maintain the desired affects of using a titanium striker.


My new Titanium Stricker assembly came in today. Got it installed and was headed to the gun club when it started raining. Passed the functions test and does have noticeably less creep than the factory striker. Trigger pull may be a little lighter but in fairness the striker spring in my Hellcat was not stock. It had been replaced with a Powder River Precision striker spring/trigger kit before MCarbo had come out with theirs. May have to wait a couple days to shoot unless I go to the indoor range since there is a tropical low building up just offshore. Looks like we will be getting some much needed rain.

Edited to add average trigger pull 3lbs. 5.5ozs.


Finally got out to shoot the Hellcat OSP today with the new MCarbo Titanium Striker assembly. I can’t believe the difference. That small change in the lug geometry made a huge difference in the performance of the gun. The break was very consistent and smooth. I have never shot this pistol as good as I did today. Thanks for a truly quality part. Each mag was shot in about 20 seconds. 25 rounds total. I dropped the first one a little low, adjusted my optic brighter as the sun was in my face then fired the rest. 15 yards, offhand. This has to be one of the best parts to come out of MCarbo to date. Thank the engineer that redesigned the lug. That was a stroke of genius.


Now that’s what I love to hear and see! Nice shooting @Texprep
Thank you for sharing the results! Always keeps us motivated!