New Taurus G3 AND G2 Trigger Spring Kit

Hello M*Carbo Brotherhood, we have just posted the Taurus G3 and G2 trigger spring kit live on our site! I have personally designed this spring kit and am excited to get it out to you guys. The trigger pull reduction is 30% for both models. We have added a link on the product page of the pull testing and installation. Here is the product page: Here.

Please let me know what other Taurus projects you would like to see us work on next? A GX4 trigger spring kit? A trigger, but for the G3 or G2 first? Personally I think the slide is really easy to rack on these firearms and could make an extra power recoil assembly to reduce recoil.


@ValorSolo. Thats your cue.:laughing:


All of the above. Make everything, I’ll buy it. I ordered the spring kits last night. Very much appreciated.

Yes sir. I didn’t want to let you down.


Not that it has a heavy trigger, but a spring kit for the TX22 to take the competition model up a notch would be nice. Also, while there are enhanced guide rod/spring assemblies for the standard TX, I don’t think anyone makes one for the competition model - might be a market there if there’s gains to be made in that area.
Definitely will be doing a kit on my G3c.