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New SUB2000 Trigger Job


I just finished installing the new trigger kit and stainless feed ramp.
Gun is new with only 1 magazine run through it.
The new trigger guard is impacting the grip making it hard to snap the gun back together. It will go, but takes a little more effort than before. Also lm having an issue with the magazine not locking into place, it seems the mag release is not snapping back all the way. If I push it very gently it snaps in and all is good. Did I do something wrong with my install?
Thanks in advance.
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Did u put together with mag in place to help line everything line up


No I missed that part on the video, I used a small punch to hold it place. The two half’s went right together with no problems.


I had same issue as you had to redo with mag in place helped a ton


I got it, slight miss alignment, working good.


I did the same putting my mag in as I put it back together and went very well


I finished my trigger job over the rainy weekend. Not many problems but had a little trouble making sure everything is aligned properly. Going to the range this week to test out my work. I will file a report after I return.


Finally bought a sub2000 g17. Been debating on waiting for the m-series but the price was right so I made the purchase. Now I’m excited to mod this thing out. Love tinkering with guns so this will be right up my alley.


I recently bought a S2K Gen2 G17 version. Even though I haven’t fired it yet, I’m totally in love with this carbine. I have made a couple of upgrades including the tube cover and the muzzle brake. I want to do a complete upgrade internally and externally but I want to take the ouch out of the order. I want to get everything I need and install it all at the same time so I only have to disassemble it once. Does anyone have an idea when there will be another 20% off deal for the Sub-2000 upgrade parts? It will be a big order and 20% off would be a huge help. Chris?


Your guess is as good as any, but he usually does them along with national holidays. My bet would be the next one will be Memorial Day.


Oh ok. Was hoping for a St. Patricks Day sale. Oh well.


@Tech5 Hey Jim. MCARBO Riflemen is usually good for a 10% discount. Plus you get free shipping on orders above $50. Hope this saves you a buck or two.:money_mouth_face: