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New SUB owner Dead Trigger

I’ve been installing internal upgrades on my gen 2 today. I cycles ammo a sounds like its cocking but the trigger is dead. With the safety on the trigger moves all the way back as to fire. Please help as I unassembled and reassembled all day and feel like boxings it up and sending it in. I never fired the sub. I’ve had it a few mounts now and feel awful.


Welcome to the Brotherhood, @Guybo. Don’t give up hope, many of us have gone through this.

When the trigger is pulled back, it moves the trigger bar forward. The sear holds the hammer cocked. When the trigger bar moves forward far enough, it pulls the sear forward which then lets the hammer fall. When the safety is engaged, it pushes the trigger bar down so it can’t pull the sear away from the hammer.

The main things to check are that the hammer spring, the sear spring, and the trigger return spring are all in their proper places, and that the trigger bar is sitting over the notch on the sear. The safety must be installed correctly - red part toward the right side of the gun. When you put the grip halves back together, make sure nothing shifts.

I really recommend watching Chris’ installation video and following along step by step. Double check your work, then check it again. For now, back away, have an adult beverage if so inclined, and do something else. Tomorrow it’ll all go together and work right, I’m sure. You can always come back for advice if you have problems.


Thank for the information. Its very possible I don’t have the sear and hammer oriented correctly. I’ll not give, just give these hands a break.


Hey Phuzzy42,
Thanks for the inclusion of Chris’ repair video showing the sanding fix a trigger clearance problem. I tried to look up aYouTube search for the video but I didn’t have a name for the video, so I just called it a “sanding fix for a sticky trigger pull. Which came back, “ No results found “. So thanks again brother, I may just be able to enjoy my Sub 2000.


Welcome to the Forum.
Stay tuned, somebody (most likely several) herein with the expertise in trouble shooting will join in.
Interesting note for you… I have passed on the internal upgrades for now, and fully expect to be posting, as yourself, after I do. Your not the first, or the last. I’m sure it’s straight forward to resolve.
For what it’s worth… was on the range yesterday and had my 1st dead trigger. Totally functional SUB2K, no changes, BUT… I had not cocked the bolt, I was surprised to find this out. If the bolt isn’t charged you will get a dead trigger. Again hang in there, you came to the right place.


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