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New SP101/GP100 Spring And Shim Kit

This is my first purchase from M*CARBO. I’ll be using this kit to perform a ‘trigger job’ on my new GP100, 3" .44 SPL. While I’ve never done the trigger on a Ruger before, I have built several 1911A1 pistols and I’ve done a few trigger jobs on S&W revolvers. With the help of Mr. Nelson’s video, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I have ‘launched’ a couple of springs in my time, so I may do some disassembly in a plastic bag. LOL! Thankfully, I always found the springs. Sometimes days later. Smiles.

The MCARBO spring and shim kit came well packaged via 1st Class USPS. MCARBO even packages the shims in two ‘color-coded’ containers. A nice touch. I also like the fact the kit is complete.
Everything you need is included. I hate to think I’ve got all the pieces and parts, only to discover one critical item has to be ordered separately. That’s frustrating.

I also had the opportunity to converse with Mr. Chris Nelson via email and find him to be a genuinely nice guy. Certainly enthusiastic about M*CARBO products. Also, it’s my policy, when I can, to support our returning Vets and give them priority in my purchasing decisions. Being Vet myself, I believe in ‘the Brotherhood’.

For the record, I stopped buying Ruger firearms 45 years ago for personal reasons… But, those reasons are no longer valid. RIP Bill Sr., Bill Jr. and James.

The GP100 3" .44 SPL is a beast! Being an Engineer I tend to look at the overall design of a firearm, keying on it’s strengths and weaknesses. As far as Ruger Center Fire pistols and particularly their revolvers, IMHO, they are built like tanks. I recognized long ago the removable ‘side-plate’ design was not as strong as Ruger’s. I’d actually planned to send my Ruger 3" Speed-Six in to be converted by Devel/ASP into a non-fluted cylinder .44 SPL. At the time, it would have made a perfect ‘Big Bore Belly Gun’. While the GP100 is marginally bigger and it’s price tag fairly steep, it’s much cheaper than a Devel custom.

If, you’ve stayed to this point listening to my rambles, thank you.




So glad you didn’t do that to your speed six. Those are great guns as they are.

By the way the hammer spring and those shims will work in your speed six
Neither my service nor my security needed shims but the hammer spring worked fine.


Thank you for your thoughtful response. I appreciate it. The Speed-Six has been gone for many decades, but I understand what you’re saying. I read an article by Massad Ayoob, I don’t know if he personally witnessed it, but a Speed-Six converted to .44 Special went high-order and injured a couple of people. Not good! It was probably a little too light a platform and I don’t know if the the conversion off-set the Cylinder Latch Stops? Of course, I have no idea if the owner was also using extremely hot re-loads? Regardless, the ‘Geep’ (I stole that from Mas. Smiles!) is plenty strong and has off-set Cylinder Stops.

Overall, I really like the GP100 3" .44SPL.